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In this episode Frank & Alfonso share their introduction into their respective martial arts. They also share tips on what to look for while looking for a gym and great stay at home solo drills that you can try for FREE. Also Frank shares a gettin "uncomfortable"in bjj story.

Hey, everybody, and welcome to another wonderful, insightful episode of Jiujit Thatals Coast to coast, the podcast that's about everything Jiujit deals and counter on the daily, from training to everyday life and everything in between. I'm your host, Frank Garcia, currently a purple belt under Victor said Vantas at rivalry Jiu Jitsu and Fresno, California, and I'm joined by my cohost and good Homie, I'll fonso. How you doing today, brother, doing a good brother, chilling the standing out of heat. You know, it's a hundred nineteen out here. What Chub? Yeah, man, fucking Shitty and Muggy. It's terrible. Oh that's awful, dude. One hundred and nineteen. I don't think I've ever been anywhere near that in my life, nor do I think I need to experience that. A Dum. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Dude, nobody does. Nobody does. But you know, we're staying inside. I got a cold brew, so it's all good nice. But aside from that, you know, things are doing, things are good. Just want to remind our listeners out there. My name is afonsible for though, and I am currently training Mosaia Technique Training Center and Indio. So looking forward to another fun filled episode. Sweet, sweet, all right. Well, okay, so on today's episode we're going to be hosting our very first segment that we're going to start titling rolling with frank, you know, Fonso. So I started this podcast with the idea that the show would basically revolve around, would revolve around Jiu Jitsu. All Right, and so I've basically been practicing now for about ten years now, and I have to say that it's been one of the most like, exhilarating, humbling, mind blowing experiences of my of my life. You know, it's changed me in so many ways, shown me so many things, brought me so much joy, has given me so many gifts. You know I mean, you're exercising constantly, so I'm in good shape, I'm I feel confident. Gives me confidence knowing what I'm capable of. And and most importantly of all, it's taught me to persevere. You know, no matter what, when it gets tough, just stick it out. You're going to make it. You know, you've been through worse, so so keep pushing through and and you know, most importantly, one of the most important things that I feel that Jiu Jitsu has brought to my life is that it's introduced me to some of the most the coolest, amazingest, most influential people that I don't think I've ever would have met had I not participated in Jiu Jitsu, you know, and and so Jiu Jitsu has always helped me out. You know, every time I've kind of been a little down and unsure of what's going on, I just focus on Jiu Jitsu and it's and you know what, and once I do that, everything else kind of just always seems to just find its way into place and it just works out. And so, because of Jiu Jitsu has brought so much to my life, I just want to kind of try to repaid you jets to back with a little bit of love in the form of this podcast. And so on this episode we're going to be talking about how we got started in our respective martial arts and what someone could look for when they're signing up for a new gym, and also we're going to share some of our favorites stay at home workout, since our gyms are closed right now and we're not able to work out, so sit back, Chilax and get radio to enjoy the show. All right, hey, everybody, welcome to the very first segment of rolling with Frank and Alfonso here on Jiujito's coast to coast. I'm your host, frank, and I'm joined today by our cohost Alfonso. So let's get go ahead and get started here. Man, why don't you start by sharing with us why and how you got started in your in your specific martial art, what you know. So tell us what you're training. First of all, while I'm training Mudsi so and I got started with Mudsai about like a year and a half ago now, but I've trained other martial arts, like I did boxing when I was a kid, and I and I've done Jiu Jitsu as well. I did that year's back and I did about year and a half. Would your Jutsu. I loved it, but at that time my schedule didn't allow me to continue. I had a job just to demanding that I just didn't have time for it, so I stopped. And then recently I wanted to go back to to do Jujitsu, but a friend of mine wanted to do Muy Tai, so I decided to give it a try, and that's what I've been doing. So that's how I got started training with more time, but in combat sports and martial arts.

If you want to ask like why I got started with it, dude, just because, you know, it's great exercise. That's the first thing. And then the second thing is, you know, always a small kid growing up, so you know, got picked on, bullied this nat. So you're always looking for a way to kind of, you know, defend yourself, right, and he was, you know, you always, you always like you never know. You know, when I was going up, that's what that's the way it was. You had to find a way to fight back, you know, at least put a stop to it. You know, not so much like that as an adult, but you know, it's kind of Nice knowing you can defend yourself should the need a rise. True, true, true. All right, so you said how you got started. We you know, because of a buddy. Right then. So that's also why. What about? What challenge she would someone face when they're starting out, first starting out in we time? You know what it's. Someone's like on the fence about it. What you what would you recommend to them? Well, I mean I think just just try it out. I mean just go do I think when I when I first started, like my biggest worry was like fuck, I'm gonna get fucked up, you know, like I'm gonna get kicked in the face, elbowed, you know, punched, and you know I don't like getting punch it's the reason why I hadn't done it for so long. You know, I was doing Jiu Jitsu. You know, unless it's an accident, Jiu Jitsu, you're not getting punch in the face. You're not, you know, I'm me. Yeah, I mean, you're not exchanging blows like that. Yeah, yeah, so that's why I liked about Jiu Jitsu too, because it's one of those things that is it was cool that you can go pretty hard and then not feel like you're in all kinds of danger, right. True, you know, and with Moy tie that was one of my one of my fears is like, Dude, what if I'm with these training partners and then they just start going off, you know, and I've watched the videos with some dude just, you know, like this trying to fucking tear somebody's head off. You know, I'm saying it just like fuck, I don't want to do that. That's awful, man. That's yeah, dalent, awful. Right. So when I first went, that was one of my worries. So at first I just kind of went checked it out, scoped out a gym and then just watched them, like before I even joined, like I just like, Hey, can I check out the classroom? Like yeah, so I just checked it out and everybody seen hell at chill, just kind of like when I was doing jits, you know, like you show up and everybody just kind of like just shooting breeze, just like hey, what's up, hell a chill? You know, they're always inviting you come and roll and whatever, and you know, so that's the same vibe I picked up when I went to this gym. Right. So I was like, oh, that's not that's not bad. And then, like I checked out some sparring and yeah, there's some guys that were going a little harder, but for the most part everybody was just kind of doing lights barring. You know, they're just kind of like tapping like so you're not throwing your punches at full force. You know, you're throwing them at full speed, but not full power. You're doing maybe like twenty, thirty percent power Max. So concentrating more on the technique. Verse. I'm gonna beat I'm going to hit the sheet out of his pad right here, exactly, exactly. Sounds like an explosion in this gym. And none like that. Nothing like that. Now I'm matt because he's a know this. You know this to Matt. If you hurt your training partners like, you can't train the next day. Right, like if you're all running treating partners like who you going to train with? Like you need them long ago. No, understand, I'll go now. I get you, man, I get you. that. That's that's awesome. So, yeah, it's the new person were to sign up try we tie gym. What would like? What could they expect? And at as far as going to your gym. So I come in to my first day. I've never done we tie. I hear this podcast, I hear I'll falls to talk about we tie. I want to try it. I come to your gym the first day. What's probably going to happen? Am I getting get hate? Everyone's going to know? Not, not even man like. As a matter of fact, like, if there's anybody new joining the gym, like, I'll be one of the first people to come up like hey, what's up, madam a Fonso, you know, what's your name? You know, just kind of just introduced myself to you, and other people follow suit, you know, just say hey, what's up, you know how you doing, and then, you know, it's the cool thing about my gym is that we're always like going back to basics, like no matter how many, how long you've been there, like there's guys have been been there for like five, six, seven years, longer than that, right. Some guys have fought professionally or some guys have found amateur right, and we're still regularly going back to basics. We're learning how to throw that JAB, we're learning how to throw that cross. Those are the two basic strikes that you learn, you know, in boxing and and kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu, I mean, and in what site you you got to throw those basic punches. So no matter if we like, we might learn more complicated combos and defense techniques and stuff like that, but we're always going going back to the basics. So anybody starting off, you're you're you're right there.

You're okay, like you don't have to worry about everybody being much better than you or anything like that. Like you starting off with the basics. You learn how to throw a punch, how to block a punch, out to Perry, you know how to you know how to throw a kick out of block a kick, all these different things that are just basic, and then from then on you build on you know, the more the more skills you acquire, the more you can build. So if you're just starting on the first day, just be ready to work out, right, we ready to sweat, and then just understand that you can go at your pace if you if you get tired, if you haven't worked down a long time, like, ain't no shame. And I taking a breather, like you know. I. Yeah, I, because it's intense. So, yeah, even guys have been there for a long time and I'm pretty good shape. They're going hard, they're going fast, and even then you'll see them kind of just like all right, I need to catch my breath, you know, and so you go at your own pace, right. Right. So, I know one major concerned that a lot of people have when training martial arts is they're worried about sparring. Like I don't want to go in and get my ass kid. So sure, does that happen? You know, can that happen? What should someone expect us? Why our sparring goes? Is that at your own pace or whenever? The coach won't want it to happy because, you know what, there's some there's some crazy people out there that they go in day one or like when can we spar? Yeah, well, that's a thing at our gym. The way it works is like you can spawn the first day if you want to. It's not encouraged, right, it's nobody's in the force you to do it. And if it is your first day and you do want to spar, like who? Like, the coach is always going to make sure, like, okay, if this is your first day, you know, I'm going to put you with somebody who I know will be at your pace and who can handle, you know, a new because here's the thing. That the problem. You know, and I'm sure you you in Jiu Jutsu have the same thing. You know, when somebody's new and they get stressed out right, because that's you're in a fight, essentially, and you're going to be stressed, you're going to react really busy. Yeah, it' spazzy. You know, and, yeah, and then you can hurt your training partner, like I had this one dude and like he just did not know how to how to pull his punches, like he threw his punches I like almost a hundred percent. So I'm like fuck, Dude, like your were you guys wearing? Were you guys wearing headgear or anything? Not, no head to go, because we usually do light spart, like I said, I do. We do like this. Some power. Yeah, just twenty percent. Yeah, so happened. Yeah, just tappen, you know. So it's a lap Bock, basically slap boxing, kind of like slapboxing, even less, even less power. Yeah, less power, but I mean it still hurts. I mean like I've been punching nose right like and that's barring. Well, not. I don't take much to water your eyes up. You know not, it does you. Your eyes are good. Water up. Right? Yeah, sure, but you know, it's not like I'm going to go home with a black guy, you know, not unless it's unless as an accident. Ask and I have gotten a black guy off of a kick, but that was an accident. It wasn't. It wasn't like the do was trying to aim for my face and fuck me up. It was just it was an accident. Were watching him under the bathrooms, doll, though. That was weird. Affon Zo. Ah, man, well, they told me that I had to do that. Now Your Gym, I my gym mant and I'm playing. Not I'll take that off. I'll take that pack after all, right now. So see, Alfonso, your creazy. So what was I saying? Oh, yeah, so this barring. Yeah, so this, so this, this kid, you know, he was just again. He didn't know how to pull his punches, so he was throwing pretty hard. So I had to kind of stop and be like Hey, man, you got it, you got to cool it, like you can't. You can't be thrown like that. Like, you know, I know what I'm doing. So I'm blocking, you know, and this and that. I was like, but anybody else here, if you catch one of these guys the wrong way, they might they might recuper kid, and that's not cool. You don't want that. So, you know, relax, just relax. So I kind of so people will look out for you. You know, I think for the most part at least, were what I'm used to is people will look out for you and if you're not ready to spar in the first day, you know, no worries, like you, you're ready when you're ready. You know, just check, check it out, like I didn't spar until my third day now. You know, Hint. Someone go and never spar yeah, yeah, for sure. I mean there's no pressure for that like that. We've have some people who go and then they just don't. They don't like sparring. Yeah, just do pad work. Yeah, they pad work ads or hold the pads. Yep. Yeah, and then we have bags, so we do bag workouts. We do yeah, so it just kind of like that. So there's no sparring if you don't want to spar, like nobody's pressing you to do it. So so...

...if you don't want to, it's all good. But you know, if you really want to get good, that's kind of where you test your skills, you know I'm saying because it's is different being in front of somebody who's moving around, you know, attacking, and then, you know, trying to avoid your own attacks. So if you really want to simulate what it would be like or or want to test your skills, you do need a spar like, I'm sure, and in Jiu jitsus. I mean it's the same thing, right, like you can learn all kinds of technique, but unless you try them out in actual rolling, you don't know if you learn them while or not. Yeah, yeah, you gotta know. You got to be able to perform under stress right and and that's that's in any in any sport, you know, basketball, right, ball, soccer and volleyball, like, yeah, you're running these plays during practice, but when it it counts the most, when it matters? When? When? When you have to do it in front of people, or maybe there's nobody there, but it's for it's for you know something. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's a real life situation exactly. Yeah, all right. So what? What? What advice would you want to give to somebody if they wanted to get into into MUI time? You know, like if they're looking for a gym, and what step one? What should they do? You know, in their town? I'll just just go check it out, you know, just just go to check out. Maybe go online, like what I would do is go online and check out maybe their yelled reviews or whatever, if that's what you want to start. You know, depending on how many gyms are in your town. There's not a whole lot here and where I live there's a few. So, you know, my choices are limited, but I'm lucky to have found one that was kind of cool that, you know, everybody seemed to be like, you know, get along and I'm learning a lot. So I'm happy with the choice that I made. But if you have a lot of choices, and yeah, maybe break it down. First, go to the online check out what people are saying about about those gyms. If you know people training there, that's the easiest way because they can tell you more or less what it's like. But then just go and check it out yourself. You know, go in, ask if you can sit in any respecting Jim will say, yeah, of course you can. Chill right, like, no, like they're not going to tell you know, like if they tell you know, that should give you a coin. That sign already right. Yeah, so okay. So, so going along with that. What what's something that's that New People should look for in a gym? You know, you're saying if they don't even let you sit down to a observe a class, you probably don't want to train at that gym. What are some other things that that people might see. That should be a warning sign to them, like hey, maybe you don't want to go to the gym, or maybe it's a sign like hey, that's if you see this, this is a sign you want to go to this gym. Right. So first, first thing I would say that if you see this, and this is something you don't want in a gym, is if you if you go in there and people are just being like it looks like they're just being like like fucking like meatheads, you know, like just fucking talking shit to each other like like like you know, or putting each other down or just like a you pussy about. You know what I mean. You know I'm saying like just just being aggressive towards each other for no reason, right, you know, right, obviously, you know some people are going to get along a certain way. You know, they might be a little aggressed to each other, but for the most part you can kind of fill it out where people are like just cool viving together, but if you see like them like just kind of talking shit and just like that, then yeah, that's not a good place. And if the coach is just kind of forcing, you know, people to kind of spar and things like that that's not okay to either. You know, right to not. Should not be. Should not be looking to to to pressure his or her students to do stuff like that they don't feel comfortable doing. Right. Yeah, so those are kind of things. And then the other thing is just, you know, like check out, you know, how their equipment is kept. You know, I'm saying because sometimes, you know, especially now, you know, times of Coron a man like, you know people, people don't always take care of stuff. They kind of like just don't clean and hygiene and all that Shit. You know, sometimes that's you know, and you know especially and and I know it's a bigger deal, and like Jiu Jitsu and wrestling and stuff with like ringworm, but amongst other things, you know, yeah, well, yeah, that staff infections and stuff like that. You know, you can do this. It's the same thing. And and Moy size. So you just kind of you just look around, man like is it does it look clean? Does it look like, you know, people are being safe? You know, and you know, because those kind of things that you want to look at. Now the other part, like what would make me want to go to a gym? Like what are the things that I would look for. You know, I would look for a good mix of students. Right. So if you have a lot of like a lot of guys who are like black belts and as well as like newbies and...

...then in between, you know, like different let all the levels, all the levels represented, because it kind of shows that people are they're inclusive, right, like they want everybody and they they it's kind of like a you know, it's it just camaraderie, you know, it just they're just like chill with everybody. They're not necessarily gravitating George towards towards a black act belts or stuff like that. Obviously, once you get higher and rank, yeah, you kind of want to just go, you know, kind of be more with the higher levels. But if you're just joined in in you want to see a good mix because you want to be able to know that your you can progress, people are sticking around and then people are taking a time to teach you. All right, cool, right. So those are the kinds of things that I would look for. All right, so last question I'm going to ask is, so, being wee type based, is there any kind of now that you know a lot of gyms are close all the gyms are closed right. What? What's something that somebody can do that? Maybe they're interested in movie time and they're not sure if, once everything opens back up, that they're going to try movie time. Will could someone do at home right now to try movie time? Oh, dude, you know, it depends on how much money you got, you know, because you can definitely buy equipment. But even if you don't have equipment, do like there is solar drills that I've been doing on my own. Like, I mean, youtube is awesome for this kind of stuff, you know, like especially with Muy time, because like one of the emphasis and striking sports like boxing and more time kick boxing and stuff like that, is shadow boxing. Shot of boxing is huge, like you have to shadow box in order to get better, like and it's one of the things that is cool for striking sports versus like Jiu Jitsu, because it's kind of hard to do Jiu Jitsu on your own. I mean, there's still a lot of stuff you can do right, but at least with what I feel, with more time, if you can get good at shadow boxing, it can definitely improve your skills everywhere else, like it can improve skills on the MIT, on the bag, and in sparring. So there's a lot of tutorials in on Youtube on how to shot a box. What are some of the things you got to pay attention to while your shadow boxing? You know, some some technique, some drills that you can do while shadow boxing. So that's kind of cool and you can spend a lot of time doing that and it at first it feels weird because like it's you really just pretending you're in a fight. That's that's what shadow boxing is like. You you imagine an opponent throwing punches at you and you blocking, pairing, you know, ducking, rolling, you know whatever, moving out of the way, backing up, and then you imagine yourself, you know, attacking your opponent. So it's weird at first because it's a hard concept, right, to imagine somebody attacking you. But once you get it down, like it really does improve every other game, like every every other aspect of your game. So that's one thing that you can do with no equipment. All you need is like some links to youtube and we can definitely link some of my favorites and the in in the common actions or whatever. Yeah, yeah, yeah, maybe we can. Maybe we can post some of those videos. Actually, you on IG or on facebook? Yeah, for sure. Yeah, and then if you have some cash, you know, another thing you can do is like buy a heavy bag or a double end bag. Double end bags are cheap and they're really cool, like they're real, they're they're harder to work with, but they sharpen up your skills. And Double End Bag, I don't know if you if you know what those are, or the listeners out there know what they are, but they're it's a small bag like that is suspended by two like elastic cables. One of them goes on the floor and one of them goes on the ceiling. So when you hit it that, it like bounces away from you and then it comes swinging right back as fast as you punched it. So when you punch it, you can do many drills. You can like, you can, you can like Parry it, you can, you know, move out of the way, you can block it. So it's kind of meant to to test a reflexes as well as your accuracy, because it's moving. You have to hit it while it's moving. So it's almost kind of like a speedbag headlag. Yeah, I want actually it's between those two. So it's pretty cool. So if you have some cash, you know you can get those two things. You know you won't do one to invest in some gloves. You don't even have to buy that expensive. And some expensive gloves, like I found twenty dollar gloves. I like big five or like Ross, sell some to sometimes or you know, you know whatever.

Got To keep your eyes open for the deals, deals right. And so take a whole lot, you know, and then you can just do these drills at home and then once you get comfortable with them. You know, what I've been doing is, you know, I I can teach people to hold mits for me and I got some myths. So and it's it doesn't even it's not even that hard to hold mis for people. It's real easy. And you again youtube tutorials if you want to learn how to hold some. It's for people. So you can teach like your parent, sibling, a cousin to hold mits for you and you can both get workouts. What about? What about a nephew who has silver teeth and don't listen? Can you teach coach them how to hold myths and then maybe accidentally miss the MIT and right hook them in the jaw? Use Are they can be like I'm that lay way. Hey, yeah, that's it. You happened, Dude. You weren't eat dude, you weren't holding the pad. Right, look, there's your silver teeth on the ground. There's to WHO. Do you have more? You can definitely do that, for sure. I right, I'll allow yeah. So, yeah, those are those are my tips. Man. All right, what about to? Let's it's let's turn this conversation around. And so now it's your turn. Let's see, let's let's let's see how you got started. How did you get started in Jiu Jitsu? So how did I get started in Jiu Jitsu? Like a lot of other things in my life, Eddie was like hey, let's do this, and I'm like, all right, let's go then. So that's kind of like what ended up happening. Like one day he's like, Hey, let's try Jiu Jitsu, and so he we went to this Jim and Fresno called new era martial arts, and back then there it was ran by Tosh Cook and he was a purple belt and that was like one of the only schools in town, Dude. So I was there for a while. I competed in my first tournament. I liked it, but I just, I don't know, I just felt like I wanted to try to find a different school. So after a little while I switched up and and I I found myself at Aka Fresno, which are later later turned into dthrone, right. And then one of my super awesome best friend training partners from dthrone ended up opening up his own gym and now I'm at rivalry JIU Jitsu with him. And you know what, Dude, it just it just feels good, it feels right, feels like I'm at home now. All right, all right, that's that's fucking so. Yeah. So why did I get started in Jiu Jitsu? You know, growing up as a kid, you know, just like everybody else, a lot of my friends, you know, we watch a lot of Kungfoo karate movies growing up, Karate Kid, fucking Kung Fu theater, and so martial arts was like a big influence in our lives. Even though we didn't do shit and didn't know shit about it, we re respected it and we knew that it was something that we wanted to somehow have make a part of our life. And so, you know, eventually we grew up and then, you know, we get into we grow, got into high school age and you this UFC things started and I watched it with my friends and stude. This guy named Hoys Gracie's wearing this karate outfit and he's strangling. If everybody kick boxers, boxers, wrestlers, everybody will like everybody. So it's like, what the F is this? You know, and that just got the ball rolling into Jiujitsu, you know, because Jiu Jitsu is basically just I mean, how would you? How would you explain it? You know, it's just, it's size doesn't matter in Jiu Jitsu. NOPE, you can be smaller, you can be weaker, but if you have clean, crisp technique, you're going to be victorious, because technique always conquers strength. Oh Yeah, yeah, I got like fifty pounds on you and every time I roll with you, you fucking I end up in a fucking bow and Arrow. Well, it doesn't help that you take your pants off and leave them around your rankle. I don't know what's going on with that. I don't want no part of that, so I just go straight to you lie just hey, you got to read the rulestaff well, you got to read this, the fine print. Wow, man. Yeah, so that that's kind of why I chose Jujitsu. You know, I just could size don't matter. Yeah, sure, it doesn't matter. And and and, you know, you learn a new technique and and you added to your repertoire and it's just a new a new tool, a new weapon on your whole sir, to use, you know, at your will. You know, the more you do Jiujitsu, the more you practice, the more of these these weapons you add to your tool belt and the more confident you become. You know, it's just like like when you learn math.

You know, at first you learn your addition, then you learn your subtraction, you know, and then you just keep progressing until you just keep getting better and better at it. Yeah, yeah, have you. So, have you? Have you ever thought about training a different style of martial art? I mean, when I was a kid I did karate and every now and then, I mean, you know, I've tried. I've done wee tie for I mean if you count all the hours, I don't know. I mean it's I'm sure it's close to years. I've done wee tie for quite a while and you know, training with a DM and James contrats. Okay, his cousin James, you know, over at an art of Eight, right, all the time they were refresed before they move down south, you know, and then training at palm and tails, you know, before he left for Sacramento. Right. So I've always loved me tie, always, always, always, we tie in Jiu Jitsu. I've always been two of my favorites. But outside of that, no, I really haven't thought of of trying any others. You know, maybe Kroblem got might be kind of cool to try. Yeah, but there's other martial arts out there that that I'm not a big fan of and I'm not going to say what they are whatnot, you know. But, but, but, as long as you're doing something man yeah, that gets you off the couch outside and moving around, because one of the main reasons I got into Jiujitsu is because I don't like to exercise. I don't like going to the gym, I don't like lifting weights, I don't like running on a treadmill, but in Jiu Jitsu you're exercising your whole entire body for whatever the duration of that classes, even if you're just doing the technique and you don't roll at the end. You're still moving your body and exercising. You're using your own body weight and your partner's body weight to learn these maneuvers. You know, and at the end of the day, guess what, you can use those moves in real life to protect yourself, right, you know, or at a minimum, you can learn these cool ass moves. And then when you're at barbecues or parties with your friends and then they get drug or wasted and they start saying, Oh, oh, Fonso does Jiujutsu, Hey, Fonso, show me, and you can just like pretzel them in like tes seconds and you don't, you know, and it's like nothing. The like foo leave you loon and you're like fool. You wanted this, you ask for this. You remember five minutes ago exactly. Show them the video. Show them you all right. What have been some challenges that you face when you started your training? Walking in the door, you know, yeah, that anxiety of Oh, I'm the unknown, you know, I know, I think this is going to happen, or I heard this is what's going to happen, or I saw this on Youtube, or I read this on a forum on ready or on sure dog and I don't want that. You know, you just go in, just go because if you wait until you're in shape, Shit, man, you might never get in shape. Go in and get in shape. It's going to help you and it's going to make it happen fast and you're going to be happier. You're going to be way happier afterwards. Truck and I'm glad. I'm glad that you brought that that up, because I have heard that a lot. Dude, that's that's you know what that's probably like number like if we were on family feud and and Steve Harvey didn't call out the wrong winter to the UFC or the Miss Universe Pot pageant and said, Alfonso, yeah, named the number one reason why people don't start Jiu Jitsu, and you're like, Penis, wait, Jose Hoh, say, okay, because people say they want to wait till they're in shape. Dam that's probably the number one answer. Yeah, that's true. Yeah, that's a hundred percent. I heard that so many times for so many people. Yeah, but but you know what, if you're at a good gym in you you're going to be in good hands and nine times out of ten, and most Jiu Jitsu gyms are really good places to be at for no matter your age, no matter your socioeconomic status, no matter if you're male or female, no matter your race, because Jiu Jitsu is ultimate equalizer. Yeah, for sure, because a freaking fifteen year old three stripe white belt will humble you like no other if it's your first or second day. You come in thinking you're a Badass. Oh yeah, yeah, or that man, or, for that matter, and nighty pound girl who's got her bluebell and she's on her fourth stripe already. Yeah, fuck you up. We were talking on the last episode about what it's like rolling with people. Dude, I've seen people roll with girls and it's like they're swimming with their clothes on in the deepend and they're just getting dragged under. Dude, they can't even take you know, those girls just freaking make them do whatever they want.

Yeah, it don't matter. It don't matter how you are, how big you are, does it, dude? Doesn't matter how much of best press, you ain't never going to get out of the rear naked chokes for somebody knows. Oh yeah, yeah, I heard one of times some guy was making fun of people because of the way they were doing their pushups and he's like, what are they doing? What are they doing? Are they doing push ups? Are they having seizures? And I was like full, you just got mounted by somebody sixty pounds lesson you and choked out too. is in Ezekiel. Did your push ups help you then? Yeah, yeah, you're push up help you tap out fasters, thank God, you know. But yeah, not take me. Technique is going to conquer shrink every single time. I don't care how many pushups you think you can do. Yeah, it don't matter, it don't matter. Yeah, yeah, so, besides, besides is walking into the door and all that, any other challenges that you that you remember facing? I mean it's been a it's been a while for you. We've been training for a while. So yeah, no, I would just say, you know, just that, man, just get over that initial hump of being uncomfortable because you're going into a new situation with with people you don't know, and you're going to be sharing very intimate quarters, very intimate spaces, being in compromised positions and you're trusting each other with your body. You know, I mean if you're just even if you're just drilling. Dude. I've I've seen people pop something just all sorry. Well, you know what I mean. Like you're trusting them to do something with that, with a body part, and you got to go to work the next stay, because we're not all you HAVEC fighters or World Jiu Jitsu champions, you know, like we're doing this. A lot of us are just doing this as a hobby. Right, yeah, exactly, exactly. So. So, on that note, what how do you handle at if somebody is going too hard, right, like, because, okay, so, you know, I'm a relative new be to Jiu Jitsu, right, I mean compared to you and people who've been training for a lot longer. And when you're a new being, you might not have the confidence to speak up, right. So what would you do if somebody, if you feel somebody's going too hard and you're like, I'm not comfortable here, all, like perfect, okay. So I would say what you should do is go to someone you're comfortable within the gym. You know, there's even a white belt with a stripe is above you. Right, just somebody and let them know. Hey, let them know what happened. Hey, is this normal? This person did this and this and then if it's not normal, trust me, they're going to take care of it all right. Something happened early on when I was first at Dethrone, and I remember, you know, I'm like, I'm a teacher, so during the summer I would be able to train in the day and in the evenings, right, and so I would go in the end it. One day I was there in the daytime, like, you know, like for morning class, and they were like these two high school kids and and they've been training with us all the time, you know. So I was super familiar with them, you know, I knew I knew they were. They were just good kids, you know. And and they approached me one day at you know, in between rounds we were rolling and in between rounds they are like hey, is it like what's the move call when someone gets you in a headlock? And they do this, and I'm like what do you talk about? Show me and they like got me in a headlock and they started give me like an Indian head burn. What like they got their knuckle and started rubbing the top of my head. I'm like who did that? And they go that guy right there, and I got the guy who just showed up today and they go yeah, and I don't all right, no, that's not normal, then that's not cool. So don't worry, we'll we'll fix it. And I don't know who else I told after that, but do we handled that fool? We just strangled him and then when he came the next time, I think we did it again, and then after that he calmed down. All right. Well, that's good, man. I'm glad that people so so jim bullies and Jiujitsu don't last long at all. Right, good, that's good to hear. Yeah, yeah, there, yeah, and the same thing, and the same thing I can say in my gym as well. Like you know, they they get handled, you know for sure? For sure, that's one thing that happens in martial arts. Is there. It's a great bully to tarrant. Right. Actually, you know, I'm gonna, I'm gonna, I'm right, ask you another question now. They just got my curiosity. As you progressed right through through through your your belt rankings, right, you you're in stripes and will on from your white belt to your blue belt and then now your purple belt. Like what challenges did you face from moving through that ranking system? Like, did you find yourself having like like was it more difficult to move from like white to blue, blue to purple, like just say, like, just like in any other sport...

...or in life, the longer you do something, the more likely you are to have injuries. Right, right, and so you have to learn how to train with injuries or learn to prevent them or learn how to rehab them, because they're going to happen. A back injuries. I pop my knee, I've sprain things, I've I've I've had black eyes, I've busted noses, had to get stitches, I've I popped like the cartilage in a ribbin. And you know, like dude, like so many things, you know, like if it's not one thing, it's another. And so another thing that I've learned is you just got to deal with it. You're no one's ever going to be a hundred percent, and so you have to learn to work around that, because everyone's going to have something wrong and if you're waiting till you're a hundred percent healed, you're never going to be healed right. And so, but you also got to listen to your body and when your body is telling you, Hey, I can't do this or I can't keep that pace up. Like you mentioned earlier, you got to learn to slow down or or maybe give yourself a break, because it's a marathon, it's not a it's not a sprint, right, and that's been something that I'd had, that I've had to tell myself over and over and over. And everyone's on a different journey, man. Everyone's got different paths. Right. Everyone wants, everyone is in such a rush to get to the end, but everyone's everyone's path to get there is different, you know, just like with college or with your job, your career. Yeah, some people don't find their career to a way later on in life, right. Yeah, you gotta enjoy the ride, man, for sure do. Onezero percent is that's the deal. That's the thing. You got to enjoy the ride, you got to enjoy the process. You gotta respect and admire your coach, you know. And and you got to feel like a part of a family and in that group, in your in your gym, and if you have those ad skies of limit, it's not even going to feel like work or exercise, it's just going to feel like you're hanging out with friends. Yeah, so any other advice that you have for people who want to train, like in martial arts or combat sports, do I would just say go do it, man. I would they go find someone who already does it and asking questions. Nine most people nowadays they know a little something. Everyone's taking a class or something. So you just ask or, just like you said, you know, check out Youtube or oh, download yelp, type in whatever martial art you're going to you want to practice and look for there's hopefully there's one in your town and go, just like you said, go sit in, watch a class, talk to the coach, maybe talk to the people and look. You'll get a few get a feel for the VIBE. You know. Does it feel hostile? Does there? Does it feel? Does the crowd feel anxious? Is everybody talking to everybody? Are Are there groups? Are People isolated? Is there somebody sitting on the mat that no one's talking to you? If that's the case, maybe that's not the place you want to be. You know, right, right, yeah, for sure, but it is. Well, you know what I mean. Like you like, just like you go to a restaurant. If you go to a restaurant and there's dust everywhere and there's and they don't sweep the floors. You're not going to go eat there, you know. So you go to a Jiu Jitsu gym or a Moue Thai Gym and it's I mean it's got to smell because there's people sweating in there but they're not keeping up and there's hair on the wall and dust on the mats and it smells like Cat Piss. Maybe you don't need to talk to anybody there. Maybe you just want to you should just leave. Yeah, yeah, that point you trust your instincts exactly. I've got yeah, sure, for sure, totally all right. Cool, cool. So I want you tell us what we can do, or anybody can do, to train at home during this quarantine. Anybody want to get started in Jiu Jitsu? You know, how would you do that? I'm mass right now would be a perfect time to start Jujutsu because you can slowly easily transition it be it's like getting into the shallowing of the pool. You could slowly ease yourself in. You can go on Youtube. There's a bunch of Awesome Jiu jitsu athletes that are posting free content on Youtube on instagram right now and and because the gyms are closed, they're doing specific solo drills. You know, I know I got a bunch of Kabrina. You know, I know you got the I don't know if a lot of listeners know who coobrina is, but Ruben Charles Kobrina is a freaking multi time world jiujitsu champion, ADCC World Jiu Jitsu, I mean ATCC champion many times over, and he's put out a series of solo drills, including high impact training videos, just specific solo drills for your guard, specific solo drills for...

...takedowns, specific solo drills for your talking, just all kinds of different stuff that you could do right now. And so, even if you don't have matts, even if you don't have a training partner or a grappling dummy, you know, clear move the couches out of the way, clear a little bit of space, you know, and pull up a video on youtube or on your phone and beam into the TV. Every almost everybody's got smart TV's or watch from your phone or a laptop or a tablet or something. But do something to be act, to stay active because, especially with what's going on right now, it times are tough man. And Yeah, and by exercising you're going to release all kinds of awesome chemicals that your body craves and needs and will make you feel so good about just doing something. And then you're going to feel so good you're going to want to do more, so then you can start looking for more and more stuff, and then when this whole thing is finally over, then you'll have you'll be in the shape that you want to be in because you've already started, and then you could slide into any gym you want. Right. Yeah, totally total and and that costs you nothing, you know, and just like you said, if you want you can. You know, you can invest a little bit of money. You can, you can buy some mats, you could buy a grappling dummy. Shoot, I don't have a grappling dummy, but you know what, my wife has a giant teddy bear that's probably some ex boyfriend gave her, and I throw a gee on it and I'd be using it. I won't to do solo drills. I thought you were using that for pleasure. Well, that's at nighttime. Oh, okay, okay, but not. But on the mats, Oh, I'm on Matt's. It's a grappling dummy. God, not being not mean that's a that's there's a difference. Got It. Yeah, all right, cools. All kinds of stuff to do out there, man. So now is the time. You know, you think you have no options. No Bullshit. You have options, make options, find something. Totally I agree. I totally agree and and I do want to point out, just to talk about it, you mentioned that you know, your body craves and doorphins and all these different chemicals at a release when you work out and stuff. I got, dude, totally true. Like you know, sometimes I'm hating it when I'm in the middle of class, sweating, gasping for breath, you know, just like you know, asking myself how long I got till I get to go home. When is this round over? Yeah, exactly, especially when you when you're still like it's like a minute left in the round and you're just you know, you gave it all you got already and you're just waiting for that bell to ring. But let me tell you, once it's over and I'm driving home right there's no better feeling. You just you can get cut off and flipped off and to an egg thrown at your car and you're just like that's all right, I'll watch that off. Talk about you for you. Right, no better, no better feeling. Right there. That's it. I kind of feel like if everybody did that, everybody would be too chill to do anything to each other. I agree, it is. It is totally Badass. That's one of the best feelings in the world. It is, it is. I I can't I can't recommend it enough. If you're not trading, if you're not trading, try trust law. Right, and I felt like you already talked about this last piece, but maybe I don't know if you have any more to add. But what it what it looked for in a gym, like I think you said, unless you want to add anything else, you know what I would I would definitely add, like I mentioned, feel the Vibe of the gym, you know, check how clean it is, and then figure out where you want to be at. You know, do you want? Are you a hobbyist, are you a competitor? You know, or are you just dabbling to start out? You know, most people are probably going to start off as a hobbyist, you know, and so look for a gym where where maybe they offer both. You know, where you don't want to be, you don't want to be taking a competitive competition team class when you're just starting out, because that's going to make you hate you jit to real quick. You know, and I would say another thing that I would recommend is check out what Jim Affiliation there that gym is a part of, you know, because everybody, every gym is part of a bigger team. And I'm not saying that everybody that's from a specific team is going to train or is going to have the same vibe, but some of them do. You know, there's there's some gym that I won't name that's up north that had a reputation for a long time of being a really tough Jim and for that specific reason I never went to go there to train, even though I really wanted to go and learn from that guy. But... I have a friend that trains up there and he's he loves it. So even though you hear, you you hear about these reps that don't mean Shit, go check it out for yourself. How many times has somebody told you something about something and it turned out to be completely the opposite? You know, right, that's a good time. Sometimes being in the most uncomfortable positions is where we grow the most and where we learned the most about ourselves. You know, I wanted to say all the time, not even just sometimes. I think if you if you're not uncomfortable, you're not grown. You know, I'm thinking comfortable. Yeah, that just means that that, that's that. You're not growing. That's it. Your you, you are perfect comfortable with your at and there's there's no movement, right, and and we can't be friends, right. Yeah, for sure. Yeah, yeah, so you gotta, yeah, you gotta get yourself a little uncomfortable and you gotta, you know, you got to do it. You know, it's do it for yourself. You'll be happier that you did. So being uncomfortable room brings me to a cool Jiujitsu story from my first gym. So me and Adie are training for our first turn. Meant I want to say it was the US Open in Santa Cruz and we were training, you know, and it was cool because our first gym had a cage. Dude, it was tight. Tash, shout out to Toash Cook, New Era Marshal Arts, Bratley Cook, black belt under a Hoy's Gracie as well. Had Lots of fun lots of good memory, learned lots of good technique, but they did have a little cage, a little octagon cage, and me and Eddie were we were jooming something in there and we were white belt at the time and a blue belt is, you know, is like coaching us from the outside and he's like, all right, guys, you know what you guys want to do is you want to start in uncomfortable positions and work your way out of them. And you know, that's great coaching, that's awesome advice and I would recommend that. You know, after a while of training, learn to work your way out of an uncomfortable spot. Right. And so me and Eddie, being jackasses, you know, we stop what we're doing and I look at him and I go what do you mean uncomfortable? Like like five dudes in a hot time. And Dude, this guy don't know me really. I mean we're training partners, but we barely talk. You know, you don't know my he I didn't know my sense of humor, Eddie sense of humor, and he's leaning on the cage. He just looks at us. He just goes like put his hands down and just walks away. I do not like that, right. And that's Jiu Jitsu, guys. That's Jiu Jitsu. That's it, man, that that's that is. That is what it is. That's that's hilarious. Yeah, man, just, I don't know, like it's a great journey. I'm looking forward to keep keeping it going. I do want to get back to Jiu Jitsu, you know, I'm going to try some of those drills you were talking about, frank and then one maybe we can even post some links to those drills as well. You know, sure, for sure keep a look out for those and I think once this whole thing opens it back up again. Yeah, I'm going to go ahead and try. I'm going to come to jump on back into Jutsu M train boat, which I am. Yeah, Hey, yeah, and maybe maybe some people out there listening right now can start up as well, you know, and then you can show your experiences with us and and we can all go through this journey together. You know me, because because that's what it's all about, you know. I mean one thing that I really like about Ju Jitsu is is we pick each other up, man, you know, like I said, yeah, we go a hundred percent sometimes, but you're not going to go a hundred percent with everybody. You know there's certain people that you know you can go a little bit harder with, and so you are and and and they appreciate it and you appreciate it. And as you look you go down your Jiu Jitsu journey, you're going to learn right what what, what, what you can and can't do, or should and should it do, you know, but everybody's journey is unique and it and special to them and I cannot, I cannot recommend starting it. You know, regardless of how how old you are or what kind of shape you are, you're in just fucking do. It's just our our two cents on two different martial arts that we've both loved and we look forward to continuing, if not, you know, for as long as we possibly can. I hope that I can. I can, I can do Jiu Jitsu, continue to practice Ju Jitsu until the day I die man,...

...and I want to share it with as many as of my friends and family as I possibly can. And and if you know me and we had a personal conversation, I almost guarantee that we've talked about to Jutsu at some point or another, because that's how crazy and in love I am with it and and thank you to Victor said Vantis my boy, Victor, man, I love you, dude. I cannot thank you enough for starting rivalry JIU JITSU and creating this, this environment where people can come in, regardless of what type of shape you're in, regardless of who you are. We're all just people in the building having fun and we're all learning from you, dude, and your you are providing us great leadership and a great example. Man. Lots of left to send to you and rival Vi Jiu Jitsu out there. Thank you, man. Cheers, salut well, that's a rap for today's show. That makes show new Middle Sinkle Dude. Five in the bag. And when I first started this out, I said that once we hit five episodes that we were going to go live and go public and launch, and so this is five, and so here goes nothing, everybody. I'm going for it, man, and we're going to go public. So I just want to say thank you. Thank you everybody for listening. Thank you to cousin ant for getting the ball rolling on this project when you said do we need to start a social media platform? Blah, Blah Blah, and you got us going on this. So this is all because of you getting us going, man. Thank you so so much. Thank you for getting the ball rolling on this project. Thank you all, Fonso, for listening and hearing me out and and jump in on this fucking crazy ride. Who knows what's going to happen, but I'm having fun, man, and I want to keep doing this. I'm excited about what what, what could come, and thank you, man. Just can't wait. As always, don't forget to subscribe to the podcast. Look for us on your favorite streaming platform, including itunes, Google play. If there's another platform out there that we're not aware of, let us know so that we can get on it. But in the meantime, follow us on IG at Jiujit DEOs C to see. That's Jiu Ji Ri IOS C to see to stay informed on upcoming episodes and announcements, or just to say hello, ask us a question or maybe let us know what top of you might want to hear us talk about on a future episode. Again, thank you, Al Fonto, for joining me today, and then you want to stay out there to everybody. Brother. Thanks. Thanks again, frank, and thanks everybody out there for listening. Stay safe, keep rolling, peace for sure, for sure. Thank you, everybody, for giving us a listen. Thank you for sharing your time. Take Care, be safe, keep rolling and training if you can out there, and we hope to hear from you soon, please,.

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