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Episode · 11 months ago

UFC 263 fight picks


In this episode the guys break down UFC 263 main card and give their picks. Also fights to watch out for on the prelims and everyone's take on the Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul "exhibition".

This is the motivation. Hey, everybody, welcome to another Sunday, Fun Day. Jiujit Thato's coast to coast. I got my boys, Eddie Fonto. We're talking WFC to sixty three picks. Were breaking down these five. Gonna let you know how you can make some money. Chan chain, Eddie and find. I'm doing good man. I'm excited for next week's fight. It's going to be a good card. Yeah, man, I agree. Can't? I mean some of these fights, like I'm super excited for the FIGETA, though, more no fight. That's Canna be fucking amazing. Some of the other fights on this card I'm super excited for to you know, always love to watch. I didn't sign you a fight. I'm I'm excited for that as well, but we'll get into those in a minute. Thanks, Frank. How you doing? I'm doing good man. As well, to let you guys know that I am not illegally screaming the Logan Paul play may wear to fight. Good for you, man, you're enough still upstanding citizen, and I know you would never know then. Yet. No, no, no, no, good for you. I'm but I'm in this chat and I might be getting updates on the fight throughout this episode. So hope, I know this episode is going to be coming out before the fights. That is going to be Saturday, June twelve. So let's get into this pay per view. Man. Let's start. But there's a few fights that I'm looking forward to and there's a train three, right. What's that? On the main card? No, on the prelimbs. So, but then started at five on the prelimbs we got, I want to say it's the first fight on the on the early prelum and it's some guy named Moz of our Ovlov who's fourteen, and they'll go on up against how keen to Wad. So how do Wa do? I I he he's good, Dude. I'm looking forward to this fight. Yeah, fourteen and O versus twelve, one and one. Let's go. So it should be a good fight. I don't know how it's going to turn out, but stay tuned and watch that fight. So that fight should be fired as well as on that card. Eric, your point on US versus different, steward, dude, then steward is a grind fucking brick dude. He's this going to be a good fight, Eric, onners is explosive, former college football player, very athletic. Someone's gonna go down, man, someone's going to get beat up in that fight. And then the the main fight of the PRELIMD drew dooper Bradwrydel. I don't know who's going to win that fight, but dreude over toughest shit. Brad Rydale up and comer. So we're going to find out a lot about those two guys. So again, three fights look forward to on the PRELIMD MOS of O voilet jking do Wad Eric, your boy Onda's Darn Stewart, and then drew doover Bradwrydal. GOODASS fights. I might look do a little bit more research during the week and then maybe make some picks on these three creelands. I don't know. Okay, good do. Okay, all right, Eddie. Why don't you start us off by walking about the what should we start? The first card of the prelims, the opener, the the main card. Cart's just go straight, okay, told Craig...

Jamal Hill. Yeah, let's he was okay, Um, you want me to start it off? Yeah, go for I'M gonna go with Jamal Hill. I think Paul Craig is getting up there in age and Jamal Hill hit's a little harder, he's a little faster with his hands, little better with the footwork, better kicks, just a better overall fight game. I like Paul Greg he's a grinder, he's tough, but I think Jamal hills a little too talented and so I'm going to go with youth over experience on the first fight. So you're calling it for which round, Eddie? I'M gonna go decision. Jamal Hill. Okay, thre thousand two undred and twenty seven. Wow, pretty psycho. Fonzo, you know what, I don't know too much about these guys, to be quite honest with you. I think I've only seen a couple fights for for either of them. But yeah, I mean I agree, you know, Jamal hills a little bit young but well, definitely younger, more explosive, but I don't know, I think Paul's got he like you said, he's a grinder. So I just imagine it this fight kind of just being tied up, you know, trying to turn into more of a you know, up against the cage, just wearing you know, Jamal down eventually either, just just getting him tired and then just, you know, beat him and lay around, you know, third round, late, second round, something like that, or, you know, just going the distance. If that's the way it goes, I imagine be pretty boring fight. But I still think Paul might get it just because of that. Just, you know, you just be smarter not allow himself to to keep keep a stand up fight, like a standup war, like, you know, fighting toetote. He'll he'll just end up clenching. Okay, that's why I see it. Dana White has a high hopes for Jamal Hill, so maybe that's why he's featuring them on the card and that's another reason to go for him. Okay. Well, maybe that's some some fire for Paul to fucking not have that happen. Fuck Dana, I'm just saying, foot fighter pay the exactly exactly from exactly where you would swimming a couple of laps around in the pool. there. What's going on? Well, that's not the stream that I'm not following. In the back of this. I wish, all right, if you would mind, if you would mind your own business, Eddie. Damn about last in my too. All right, so who you got in this light match? Frank the first the first fight of the the main card. Uh, I'M gonna I'm following with needy man. I believe the same thing's going to happen. I mean you got Paul Craig, season vet. He's his way down. He's tough but he's not going to get any better. Jamal Hill young enough incomer. You know, I would I wouldn't be surprised if Jamal Hill finished Paul Craig late in the second round or early in the third round, depending on what pace he takes it in the first round. You know, if you can get Paul craick to gas out, because Paul Craig is a lot older and in his last fight he did start getting tired towards the end of his fight. And if he does that against a young guy like Jamal Hill, Jamal Hill is going to have plenty in the gas tank and he might just be able to get a referee stoppage. You know. Well, I don't a limit. I'm gonna say Jamal he will tko around three you know. Okay, okay, that makes sense. Old Season Bet, but hey, you know what,...

...every every dog has his day and Jamal Hill might just beat me this might just be the if. If Jamal Hill can finish Paul Craig, that's going to prove that he's legit and he's ready for a top eight contender. Definitely. You know. Well, here's also if we're going to, if we're going to do this, talk about, you know, our picks for winning and if somebody's going to use this as like, Oh, who should I've been on? The talk about the odds. So the odds for this fight. You know, we got Paul Craig at plus fifty, Jamal Hill at negative three hundred. So yeah, so you know, yeah, the favorite Craig guys. ha ha ha. Yeah, I'm just saying, you Bet Paul Craig, you get, you get that money, though he wins, if he wins the way I'm telling you, yeah, he's not gonna win. All right, all right, I'm just saying, you put fifty bucks on Paul Craig, you know, you triple your money. Yeah, you're right. All right. So next up, hi, next up Damian, my my favorite UFC JIU jitsu black belt. Man Ah, they mean Maya, Blah Muhammad. So this is kind of like a makeup fight for blow. Blow got his eye poked out by Leon Edwards. You has remember while back. Yeah, yeah, so he couldn't continue, and so I feel kind of feel like this is like a Redo for years like but, as I was saying, Bella Mohammed, Damian Maya. Um, we got two fighters on their opposite ends of their career, because Damian Maya probably doesn't have too many more fights left than UFC bla Mohammed. Before he got his eye poked out. He was on a little streak, wasn't he? Guys? Am I wrong? BET fight oddscom has Blah Mohammad as a two hundred and twenty five favorite. Oh Wow, maya a one hundred and eighty five underdog. So Ben, okay, what's on, Damian? Yeah, and you win one, that's fight to bet on, and Maya could totally catch blow in as up early on. Yeah, that might be worth HMM. Yeah, that's spite. Smells like that's apple upset city right there. Man. I mean they totally happen, mant, I mean I know Damian my has old he's got one solid round in him, dude. And if Allah Mohammed Lets Damian my getting close, because I mean Blah Mahammad's gone his stand up is not that good. I mean the Damian Mind Scott Zero stand up, but he was he didn't choke him out, but he did out strike him. He is able to strike. I'm not saying he's gonna out strength Balam Mohammad, but he could strike enough to get in close and if he gets a piece of Bulah and able to get to that back, it's game over, dude, especially in that first round. I'M gonna go out on a limb here. Man, I must say Damian Maya submitting one dude. I'm even gonna say very naked choke. I think he's gonna get the back and finish it. What do you guys say? I think what Damian my Blah Muhammad does have good stand up. He's a power puncher for sure. Keeps his hands up high. I like he's a boxer, wrestler. What I'm hoping Damien does is shoots in, gets the that beautiful half guard of his, lends a half guard sweep and gets the back and from there it's over. Below Muhammad's Jiu Jitsu defense is sorely lacking, and you don't want Damian my on your back and suck at Jiu Jitsu. So I think that's what's going to happen. Then I I'm with Frank. I think it's going to be a first round submission for Damien Maya. This is a good opponent for him and maybe he retires after this fight. So just to recap, Damian my shoots in, gets the gets the half guard, sweeps belttle.

Mohammad gets the back and lands a rare naked choke. That that's my prediction. Damian my first round RNC. What do you think, Alfonzo? Am Okay, okay, I'll be the scenting vote here. I'll do Blah Muhammed, and I just think he's gonna keep my bay, you know, not use some of that wrestling to see not be taken down, but just not keep his distance. Just, you know, I'll strike them and they just keep it on the keep it sound up man, and it is going to be wearing him down that way until the third round and that's probably the end the fight. T KAL OH, wow. Okay, so Damian Maya first final fight, he gets knocked out. He gets knocked out. Yeah, okay, and that's the way it goes. Conventional Wisdom. That you're probably right. Yeah, I mean we all want to see that that, you know, the return of the legend go out in a high note. Rarely does that happen. Yeah, always bet on the younger guy. Yeah, but you know day. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's that's what I okay, yeah, you're probably that. That's a sound prediction. So what's the next fight? Guys, check, chugging along. We Got Leon Edwards, night Dass who? Boy, yeah, go first. Okay, I'll start it off this time. If you're almost five hundred and twenty five favorites, what is it? He is five hundred and twenty five favorites, NY dz. Is that plus four hundred and fifteen? Who? Yeah, in order, in a hundred dollars on Leon Edwards, you'd have to bet five hundred and twenty five. But for remember, wait, per remember what happened with the conner fight. Dude Diaz was a huge underdof for that one too. He was first for the first one. Yeah, he was. What were the odds in the first one? I thought it was like maybe two to one, because there were S. no, man, he was a heavy. He was like native three hundred. Diaz was, I like negative three hundred. There's like three to one. Okay, I thought it was closer than that. I don't think so. No, anyways. So the longer we had to wait for this fight, the longer I've had to think about it, and the more I think about it, the more I think any was right when he said it's going to be Leon Edwards. Dude, this is a bad matchup for nate. This is every fight. He's always struggle against a guy who pressures him and and and try to wrestle, not grapple, but wrestle. You know, I know Leon's just going to press him up with it's going to be a moreing ass fight, dude. It's gonna be like like a orhe most all Kamar usband one fight where he just pressed up kids cage or all throws elbows, throwse bodies. You know he's not going to take him down. I don't think he'll be able to, but because he's not going to want to stand and strike, because the longer he does the better it is. That's going to be for name. You know that favors name and he's just he's just not going to do that. Even though you'll think, like Hessle, it's gotten better, but it's not. Going to be as good as nate is. NATES is. I see lots of Lake kicks, lots of getting pressed up against the cage and I think it's just going to be a three round grinder. I See Leon Edwards, you know, and his decision at the end of it. You don't think nate wou would take Lee on it? Words down any point and works around game? No, dude, Fuck No. I but gunner Nelson can do it. No fucking way nate does it and I want nate to win, not to take down either. Nate's Pool Garden more than he's you.

I don't. I can't think of it. Well, I'm not talking about a shooting in but once you're in a grappling change like you know you can't. You can work, you can work a trip. You know, you can pull guard, get him down to the ground that way and then start working on your ground game. He would highly unlikely man the fight. The fast he would get he could get it to the ground, I would think would be better. I don't see him doing that, though. I mean when has he done that? He hasn't, or when is he ever done that? Yeah, I don't. Yeah, it's not a style. I mean, I gotta agree, but you never know, man. I mean change's game. I mean that's not likely. Let me see. I was watching the countdown show and when they got to the part where they were talking about Nadds, they showed Gilbert Melendez ordering Taco from a Taco truck outside the gym. So right, not a whole lot of good stuff going on in what kind of tackles were they? They were at Bada. Okay, look like yeah, I think it was at Obada, and with some spicy ass hot sauce, and it had nate ds his picture. That said, don't be scared home. Write our thought. That's when you know. I wanted Jim with a Taco truck outside. That's my dream. No cutting way, allow my jem after your GM. Dude. We want a studio with a truck. Thanks, Huh Hung. Make it happen next to a dispensary. So weak man, Oh man, I'm gonna go with my heart. Man, I love nate. I love watching the fight, so I just you know what it just I hope it's one of those where it's not a boring fight, doesn't get pressip against cage. He's able to keep his composure, keep the distance box. You know it just a leasa stocked and slap a couple times and then just pick them apart. That's what I'm hoping happens. I know it's not very likely, I'm going my heart. So that's that's what I'm thinking happens late second round t KO. Okay, but again, that's all that. That's all. That's all emotional as nothing. No logic behind that shit. No, I like it. It's a hot take. Yeah, good, yeah, Oh boy, Eddie. All Right, Eddy, did you give your pick? Your pick yet? Leon Edwards. He's going to completely trash and eated. As guys. If you thought or Mosbit, I'll fuck the US up. Leon Edwards is a far better striker than R hit Mosbit. All this won't go past the second round. I Got Leon Edwards T ko, second round via. I'M gonna go. He's going to throw left hook and a right high kick drop nate in the second round. Then it'll be stopped. Man. Yeah, I'm I'm big on Leon Edwards, man, so I'm going to add the Leon Edwards second round tkop ahead kick. True, take that to the bank. What's the spread on that? Like if you put it, if you if you go and make a bet that specific? What's what would be? We got we got to look that up. How much money would you make if you were to make that bet? It's up there. I'm sure somebody came up with that. I'm sure. All right, man, we got two more fights to talk about. Yep. You think we might be able to get like a minute or two with Ian Edwards at the show? Hey, what if we have them? Haven't come on the PODCAST? Let's do it. Happen comedy show. Yeah, not, not now. Not Now, like what I'm saying. Yeah, like after that, like we'll just will. Maybe he wants to have some drinks and then we'll just talk. You know, I'll say,...

Hey, man, do you know Michelle Waterson, the UFC fighter? Well, she put on a little way, but she's here and slick her hair back, but she likes you. But you got a door podcast and it'll be Alfonso, just the back a girl. Yeah, ha ha ha ha. So I'll Fonzo if you don't mind. If you don't mind, be a big deal. I don't know, man, I got to think about it. There's a twelve corona. I mean, yeah, I'm want on one condition. He's got a sign up for you and quels Jiu Jitsu. Oh, he's in. Okay, all right, atwel. You know, Arne, I'll do it. Wait, a twelve pack of court NAT US, whatever. Sorry, you already too late. Yet I was gonna get you fosters. It's Australia already here. Six Dad say, right, dollars in Mexico. He's gonna ship him over here. Hey, twenty dollars and import fees and comes us two dollars and sense. My Dad's put them in and the below. No, necessarily. All right. So we got two fights, two fights we gotta go over, and this next fight should be the fucking main event, to be honest with you. David said Figet A, though, and Brandon Moreno, frank, you want to kick us off, he dude. You guys know, man, we got we got TJ in our blood. But regardless, we saw an up becoming Brandon Moreno made all out on the line and prove that he is more than capable of being the chat and dethroning. Did Dave his sense thetl. He took his best shots and he just kept coming back. You know what thing he got? Yeah, in the balls he got, I poked and if you watch the countdown, Dat's just like he's got nothing. Dude, he's at his peak. He's not going to get any better. He already put his best cards out. He thought he was going to just be able to stand there and blast brandon and that brandon would crumble, and he didn't. He took his best shots and he kept coming back and I thought he won that fight. I thought he won three out of those two rounds, if not four out of those five rounds. I'm sorry, I think you're gonna come back better. I think he knows what Figurato has and he's going to counter more and he's gonna walk. I mean, you take away that ball shot and those I post, who knows what he would have done. You know what I mean? But now I feel like he's gonna come in even more confident because he knows he can't get dropped by this guy because he's took in his best shots. Still he's so young that he's he's just only getting better, dude, even after this fight, he's still going to keep getting better. You know, he's a slight, he's an underdog. Vega has it as a plus two hundred and five. I've underdog and Figato is the two hundred and forty five fingers. So but I don't know, man, I think, I don't think that Brandon is going to finish Figurato, especially if figurato comes out with those hgh horns he had coming out of his forehead. I don't know what the work with these that, man. But I see brandy, Brandon Grond you now a five round unnimus decision. I see him taking four out of the five rounds. Okay, HMM, awesome. Yeah,..., I agree. I have to agree frank you know, I re watched the fight and it I mean it's an amazing fight, but if you see if one of the things that I noticed is that you're absolutely right. Like if you get a little really had had. He didn't have a whole lot going on. He's just straight up trying to like bully brandon throughout the fight and it just wasn't happening. It wasn't happening the way you wanted to. Yeah, he landed some big shots and he's got crazy power. You know, he's pretty accurate to he's a good striker. But in terms of like movement, footwork, the types of strikes that he throws and things like that and Moreno's got and you know he showed he put on a real clinic for that fight and how to strike. You know I'm saying, and he you know. Yeah, he got caught with some big shots and that ladder in a few trouble. I think he might have like broken like is is orbital bone at one point, like his his I was fucked up. And you know, when he was checking or blocking some of them for you day, those kicks, he might have broken his forearm too, because he had a big ass freaking bump and I think it was his left hand. And if you notice, in the fifth round of that fight, like he wasn't he wasn't throwing as much. Like his activity was like like took a significant dip. Yeah, it would. There was like no activity compared to the last four rounds. So, you know, if that really did happen, you know, like I still think he probably won that fight. I don't think he laughed. He shouldn't have. Yeah, he shouldn't have been a draw. And there was a point de duct did, yeah, exactly that same round. That should have been a ten, eight round right. So you know, like I don't know. I don't know how that fight was scored, but if he learned anything from that fight and he comes back to this fight, I got to say he's definitely going to take the decision. I really, I really do agree. No, that's a good, big agree. So yeah, to the listeners, this might be another fight where you can win big money, for sure. I also have I have Brandon Moreno winning as well, but I have him whinning a fourth round stoppage. Think said he he's felt his power. Mornto landed takedowns. This time a Rento's going to really push the pay starting in the first round. He was cautious in the first two rounds of the first fight and that's going out the window. He's coming after FIGUAROA or Figodora or or steroid horns or HDH, Brazilian blend guy, but Moranto's going to come right after him and he's going to use that Mexican cardio yeah, to slow figuretto down and he's going to win. I have them winning three of the first four rounds and then figged Arero is going to say fuck this, I'm going to let him take my back and choke me out. So I have more rental winning Oh rnc in the fourth round. He, the kid, is so talented man, and I think he's going to usher in a new wave of Mexican born fighters, kind of the same way kamarow oosman and nigant and Ganu ushered in a new era of Nigerian fighters. Yeah, so I have high hopes for me Rento, and I have him winning Fourth Round RNC to start a Mexican dynasty in the UFC lightweight lighterweight divisions. Amen, brother j how the ones? Hey, how do you? How do you let's? How do you part? How? Looking for how do you partly a dynasty, as a start of a dynasty in Vegas odds? I want to know that one. Oh home would have an answer. And is there a short squeeze when it comes to...

Vegas odds and starting in the seventy five thousand dollars on it, it's already damn all right. Let's get in that gravy train. Then I see Alexa grasshol winning a title. To Man, yeah, and he believe your death. You getting better and better. She made me money my last but the last five times she fought. Yeah, all right, now made again, boys Israel. Out of Signya, Marvin the Tory eat is right on a Sagna at a two hundred and forty five favorite and Marvin Vittoria plus two hundred and five underdog. I got to say, man, looking at them odds, I would think that out of sign you would be favored by a whole lot more butt, like double that I would be thinking, you know, if I was in charge of the odds, I just since they last. But both guys have been on women streaks, I believe, out of Sonia getting losing to Yambohovich, but at least when at twundred and eighty five, Outisana has just looked untouchable. He just been getting better and better and better. I mean when he fought Kelly and gashing them, that was kind of like a little hiccup. He did show like a couple cheeks in his arm, you know, but since and no one's lasted with him. He's finished everybody. You know, even Anderson Silva at a time was going through a street where he didn't finish. People at the way that on a sign is finishing. So I'm impressed, man. And even though marbamtory has been win every fight since he laugh lost to out of sign he's just been winning the same way. He's just been grinding people, getting takedowns, controlling them, beating them up. I mean he's gotten some subs. I'm not sure if he's finished people with strikes. I want to say he has, maybe once or twice, but I would say like Um, the rate that each of these guys has gotten better. Out of sign he has just gotten better so much faster and he's had a different level that victory. Even though a Tory has been getting better and better, he's just not as good and not at the level that a Signa is that and I think that out of Sagni is going to come in with a chip on his shoulder because he's going to try to prove that victory is not at his level and he's gonna Finish Him. I'M gonna go with out of Signya Tko. I wouldn't be surprised round to but I'm going to say round three. The TORI is toughest shit. I'm going to say out of sign you a Tko around three. Yeah, that's a that's good analysis. Yeah, I just a piggy back off of Frank. Yeah, your Tory stuff. He's definitely a journeyman. He's not world championship material. I don't even think he's good as all Paulo Costa, and you saw what out of sound it did the Paulo Costa. So I'M gonna go one round earlier. I'm going to go out of Signy just picks them apart from the outside and, like frank say, he's going to fight with the chip on his shoulder. He's going to land jabs, set traps and I see it, I to sign your landing a left hook in the second round, knocking the Tory out cold. So I to sign your second round Ko. HMM. What do you think, phone? I don't know, man, I don't know if it's going to be that quick. I do think that that I say, it's definitely going to win. You know, re watching their last fight. The Tory. You both right, he doesn't really have a whole lot that he can offer in this fight. You mean, he's big, he's strong, he's durable, but you know, that's pretty much it. His striking is not impressive. You know, he's stiff. You know, I'd say it's super fluid. You know, you can...

...hit you from anywhere. You know, his game is just unbelievable. So I think it's going to be more of like he just going to be toyed with them for a little bit because he can, you know, just picking him apart, and I'm thinking more of like a fort round in a little bit. Yep, Yep, that's that's exactly what I'm thinking is going to happen. Fourth Round, Tkoh. Okay, okay, I definitely see to sign you a fucking with the Tory just for the shit talking. Yeah, yeah, exactly, because he loves that. He loves the showboating. You know I'm saying. Yeah, I don't know coming off a loss, but you I see your point two, where he's just like, you know what not fuck this, I'm just going to get it done because, you know, like I just I just want to but I you know, but I also know that he loves to show boat and just show, you know, show skills and stuff like that. So he might just drag it on just for the fuck of it. So force round, good fit. Yeah, yeah, all right, man. Well, that's it's hundred and sixty busy made frank. Can you text me the link to the Logan poll may weather? No, I can't, Eddie, but what I can't send you a link to is my favorite twitch dream note. I meant phone or Petit. They wrote an art article in Bone Appetite magazine. Can you send me the article? Yes, okay. Also sending you the link to my favorite twitch dreamer who play, who's playing for tonight right now. Okay, you can watch it, and he's I want to know how to make mop Cerella twitters. There you go. You're more than welcome to Um you. What do you guys think about? Tonight to fight man. As we're speaking, Floyd Mayweather is about to fight Logan Paul all, who is the brother of Jake Paul that and, if you guys are familiar with who knocked out Ben Asprian. So this is like a whole new era of shit that we're having to deal with now. It's just youtubers, social media people, influencers, whatever you want to call them, have so much pool, so much power that they can get these things like I watched, I don't know if you guys were familiar with that or even know that showtime came out with like a seven style show for this and they show Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather doing shit leading up to this fight and I was as I was watching it, I was just like, this is like Rick Bitch, people doing whatever they want. Like, imagine it being having so much money and beating a fan of wwe so much that you're like, you know what, I'm going to build the best wrestling ring Jim in on my property and I'm going to have all my friends come and we're going to be fucking around and start fucking around. I'm going to pay Vince Nick man x amount of money and I'm going to have him let John Tina and all these top knotch wrestlers come wrestle me at my house. That's what this feels like. This is just feels like rich people with too much money being able to crowd in line at Disneyland and get on the rides right away. Like tonight. Floyd should be flighty, some young and upandcoming fighter that has amazing talents to showcase, but we're not going to see that because we're doing watch him fight Logan Paul, who he's just gonna smoke with one hand type behind his back. I don't know, man, here's here. All Right, let me, let me. Let me tell you something, though. Like, I agree, man, it's a show. It's a fucking show. It's it's not a real boxing match. It's you're not really doing it because of the sport, right. It's a fucking... With that said, man, Logan Paul is fucking huge compared to fucking floyd may weather. And yes, Floyd is fucking the one of the like, probably the greatest, like pure boxing, like fucking athlete ever. You know I'm saying, like in the history of boxing. He's amazing, like he like I you can deny I don't. I'm not really I'm not on on team may weather at all, but I can say that he's one of the greatest fighters ever. It boxing, right, ever. But that said, though, man, like dude, fucking Logan Paul is huge. He any punch, any like you. You have that, you have that punchers chance, right. You hear about that all the time and we've seen it in combat sports. You know, every once in a while you get that one shot, and with somebody as big as Logan Paul that can definitely happen. So Floyd's really got to be careful. Did you watch him hitting that bag. Yeah, but he was fucking around, Dude. It was because I've seen him like no, dude, know, I've seen I've seen him, I've seen him spar I've seen him, I've seen him work out like he he's not a terrible boxer, do like he's I mean like he's not that terrible. That that that that clip you're talking about. He's not tad bad, like he's got some some skill, like he would be probably, if I would rate his boxing skills, they're not pro level, but they're definitely better than amateur boxers. Like he's somewhere it like where he's transitioning from an amateur boxer to like a like a starting pro boxer, like that's what his skill level is. So that he was fucking around there like he wasn't really like doing that as like that's what he's doing. So he does have skill and if he's able to clip may weather with it, with a with a good punch, he might rock him. I don't know, and we don't know. We don't know may whether's Chin and he hasn't really been tested. He does doesn't really get hit, so we don't know what he can take. Yeah, Guy who got who cannot be a another youtuber's gonna knock out one of the top three boxers of that time, a ben he I'm just like, I'm not. I'm not saying that he will. I'm not saying that it's it like it's gonna Happen, because no man like the the odds are definitely may wither his favor. I mean, you talked about one of the greatest boxers ever, but what I'm saying is what I'm saying is there's always a puncher's chance and we've seen it happen many times. That's all I'm saying. If you want to make new south tons of money, there you go. But on Logan Logan Paul isn't even a good amateur man. I've seen the same footage as Alfonso and I grew up in the boxing gyms and I've Seen Logan Paul hit and he's like a maybe a somewhere in the middle, I would say, like a mediocre amateurs far as just hit him, hitting the bag. Even with just hitting the bag, it's the same rhythm, it's the same timing. You got to see him box against other people and this is just an exhibition and I don't think it's going on anyone's record. Oh No, no, it's not going anyways. Right. A good opportunity for for Logan Paul and may whether to make a fuck load of money without dirty motherfuckers like Bob are rom or Don King in the mix. They beat the game and they figured out. They saw the game. A lot of people said he can't beat it, and they both figured out how to cheat the system and win. So basically cut it, cutting out middleman. It's what you're talking about. Yeah, and not getting addicted to drugs, not becoming alcoholics, not not chasing horrors shit like like, not pissing their money down the toilet. That's what I do admire about them.

But again, this is a complete exhibition and no way is this. Does this say anything about me? Whether's legacy if he beats Logan Paul, I Logan Poland Jake Paul did win me over. I do like the fact that Jake Paul is fighting MMA guys and getting them their biggest pay days ever and the fact that he's calling out Dana White on how poorly he eats fighters and how little he pays his fighters. Tyrone woodlee said that this is going to be as biggest pay day is a fight against Jake Paul so, and that's I give the the Paul Brothers props, man, for helping out MMA fighters at the end of their career. Same with Ben Astron. He got his biggest paid a by look, it looks like that mother forgot advance on his pay. You see how he showed up to his fucking fight. He's like, yeah, you've been party. He's like, I got it, I already got paid. I got my pay check in advance. Oh yeah, yeah, and a remember man, bench Askron has never been ripped, even at one hundred and seventy. He's always been a little puppy and he made the Olympics with that physique. He's just a homer simpson with curly hair, man, and can accuse them of being on steroids, that's for damn sure. But remember Ben Ben Ashkren was a two time national champion and he won the award for being the best wrestler and the NCAA tournament the senior year. With his chee cheese and his side, what would shape like a pair could wrestle like a bear. There you go. Can't box, for no, he cannot know he cannot, although you probably beat me in boxing. All right, frank got any thoughts on it? No, I mean, I'm glad that the guys are making more money. So I don't know, man, he was going to make a shitload of money. I hope he would knock the fuck out of this kid. May, yes, Ma, that's it, man, whatever. Let him make their money, but don't, don't, don't crowd the line. You know, it's just if there's anyone to blame, man, it's the promoters for this shit, or I mean to it's us to kids. We keep buying these things. You know I mean? Yeah, I mean at the end of the day, the fighters get paid a ton of money. Yeah, so, at the end of the day, as long as the fighters are making money, then I'm okay with it. Whatever, this is what they got to do. I wish you could be different, but whatever. Well, it could be different. Just become stock owners of the UFC now that they've gone public. Over, yeah, we'll make it. Well, we'll make will make hung see you start it up. Let's go. All right then, you think, guys? You guys want to add? Before we cut out tonight, can we announce that we had Mason Fowler, arguably the best submission grappler in the world, on the PADD podcast this fucking Thursday. WHOA? Yeah, the Motherfucker, Craig Jones is going to be on our fucking podcast. Man, number one grappler on the planet right now. Shut your mouth going and Ryan, get out of here with your little weak ass stummach. We got the number one grappler on the show. Can't wait. Going to be a good ass interview. Really looking forward to it. Yeah, man, we got a lot of good shit coming up. Guy, they thing you want to add before we hit say good night tonight. Just thank you, Fellas, for having me on a bombs and frank and it's been an awesome journey. This was a good podcast and I can't wait for Thursday, Fellas, for share show. Yeah, no, man, it's great time talking to you guys. And then, I don't know if you guys want me to say this, but can't wait to see you guys on the show man, your stand up show. This coming up pretty soon. I'm really excited about this.

The first time I get to see you guys live, so I'm excited for that. I don't know if you guys want to mention that on the show, but be a good opportunity man. I'm excited. Thank you, a Fonso. Thank you. July seventeen, Saturday. Okay, awesome. We're opening up for eating Edwards. We're bringing the heat, so get some tickets. Y'All links up in our profile on instagram. We got facebook, post finding off twitter, soon, Youtube, who knows where we're going to be sharing it, but full to fifty five. Thank you. Thank you, Chris Cruise, thank you I and Edwards. We're working hard. We're going to do a good show. We're going to do good for sure. Eddie, are you last one? Last time? Thank you, YEA, yeah, I've already got my tickets. See you guys there. All right, guys, good night. He's all right, everybody. That's a rat. Thank you for listening to today's episode. Broling and training, you can out there. We hope to hear for me soon. Peace. This is the motivation.

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