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UFC 267 pick$


After going an impressive 6-1 with their last UFC picks the guys press their luck AGAIN with their UFC 267 picks. They did all the research for you in breaking these fights down, grab a pen and get your parlay card READY!

This is the motivation. Hey, everybody, welcome to another episode a Jiujit deal's coast to coast the podcast. It talks about what's important on at off the mats. It's another Sunday funday a for us. I'm joining my boys, cousin aunt Fonso. How you homies doing to this morning? Doing Great, man, just chilling. It's fucking Sunday. Like you said, it's always good to talk about our fights coming up. I'm excited for a few of these. You know, it just going to be a great knut of fights. Can't wait to talk about this. And how you doing today, man? I'm doing good. I'm doing good. Looked over these this card man, and there's quite a few fights I'm really interested in seeing and, you know, just being happy to be back on the show. I've been been a while since I've been on, so I'm really happy to be here with you guys and talk over these fights. It look really good, some really good fights coming up. Hells, yeah, Hell's yeah. So, cousin at, always a pleasure to have you back on. As you guys probably know from now from our earlier INSTA post, we're talking UFC to sixty seven now in our last UFC fight pick show, being fonto. Both went six in one and then finds. I also did went back into a few of our episodes and we're way above five hundred, my man. I think there's only one card this last year that we got slaughtered on, and that was USC two hundred and sixty five. A lot of upset. I went yeah, Hella upsets. But since then, man, other than that we've actually been really, really good. So I'm I'm looking forward to what everybody has to say on this show and I'm looking forward to great success with these pigs, because I feel like I got some walk solid pics and I don't know if you guys can tell, my voice is a little, a little uhm, it's just not all there right now. Do I sound? How do I sound? You sound all right, man, M goode. My voice is killing me because this past Thursday me and cousin att went to the giants dodgers game and I screamed brains out all day, all day Friday, all day yesterday. Dude, my throat was just like I was hurting, but totally worth it, totally worth it. Giants, ride or die a maybe next year. Thanks for the memories. We weren't even supposed to be there. So no matter what, it was a good time right, because, yeah, man, that was, I without my first time at the park and Gosh Man, now it did not cease to amaze that that place. It's so amazing. And then actually getting to watch a home game with all of us. It was. It was great time. Amount I'm definitely not gonna forget that. Got A little set way and turn down, but you know, it was a good game of it. It was a good game game, it was a good game for sure. Yeah, yeah, well, I also want to give also want to give a big shout out to a Fonso, recently tying the knack. Congratulations, my man. Thank you, man, I appreciate congratulations. There it is, that's that's the button I was looking for. Congratulations, Alfonso. Thank you, man. Thank you. And then so, to follow that up, we're doing you know, usually we do these UFC shows like the week of the pay per view. This time we're a week ahead, and that reason is because it's my turn to get married. So on the night of these fights I'll be tying, then I'll be cutting it up with a love of my life. We'll all be getting together, having some awesome food, dancing, drinking, have the time of our lives and hopefully maybe we can have a projector set up in the corner somewhere we can watch these fights. I got it, I got you. Is gonna be the real main event right here. Yeah, we might have to congregate in the men's bathroom. Everybody going to the bathroom. What are you putting? Put a protector screen behind the altar, dude, but you got that out. We're going to be at a church. Yeah, they have big protector screen, ha ha. They got the best ones there for yeah, not. We'll look something up, man. We'll see what we can work out. It's my point. We're gonna put like the ipad right on the breaking table, right there, so we can all watch the bad that would be. That'd be an awesome centerpiece. Yeah, nobody needs to know those and how those are his wedding notes. That's all. It is, just wedding notes. Will hide it in the flower of arrangements. It'll be cool, exactly, totally inconspicuous. Why are all those guys just shrounded by the flowers? I don't know. They're beautiful.

Are Really Beautiful. Babe, my job. All right, frank once you kick ass off, what we talk about? All right. Well, let's start this off, man. We're just going to jump straight into the pay per view main card here, and the pay per view is going to be opened up by maglamed and kill off versus Vulcan. Austremre Malgo mad coming in at fifteen and one with the fifteen and one record, twenty nine years old. AUSHOMIR comeing in with the record seventeen and five and thirty two years old. So we got a little bit more miles on them. It's got a few, a few elves, and I'm talking about Austremir here. People might be more familiar with Ashremir, lost the split decision to Dominic Ray is. Recently he fought. I don't know if you guys are familiar with this Russian cat named you Tipro Chaska. Hasn't. Does that name sound familiarm? I bet you if you saw a video of him you would remember him. Because, yeah, because all the name down really, really close together. Man, I can't keep him all straight. There's so many Russians in the thing. Well, this guy's Badass. You'll know him once you get I mean after Saturday night. I'm sure you will remember who his guy is, because I don't know if his hair style is going to be different, but the last time he fought Ashomir, he had his hair like in a bun kind of like. So he had like a like a really high ponytail. He beat the shit out of Vulcan Ashremre in his last fight. Prior to that he had a W and. I'm again talking about Vulcan Ashmir here and Fonso, while I'm going over a volcan OSHOMIR's last fights. Can you pull up the odds from my party? Godam Soth Man, I already there. You Go, joy so Fondo, the book game. You can give those those odds when you start right now. So he's coming. So volcan Oshomr's coming off of a lost. He got knocked out in a second round. He was getting his ass kicked the entire fight. I was surprised he made it out of the first round. Prior to that, to that, he had a victory over Alexander Rackitch, who's coming in on a hot streak, and he won that by split decision. Before that he's got a w over lear with Latifi, who's a teammate of another fighter on this card, and Alexander, Alexander Gustafson, Ko round too, and then before that a loss against dominic rays by split decision in March of two thousand and nineteen. Malkamet off, fifteen and one, coming in hot for fight winning streak. Recently beat Nikita cryl off back in February by United his decision. Ko of FONSO's boy Kody Laba, Ko round one, and for some reason he fought Ian Kudi Laba two times in a row in October and February of last year, Ko round one most recently, and then Ko Round Tko round one in February. Before that he's got a win over some guy named Alcha Lu Lung Giamboula, Ko round three, and that guy is from Dakistan. Sambo Greco, Roman wrestler, so that was actually a pretty good win for him. Prior to that, though, he does have a loss against Paul Craig. He got triangled in the third round back in March of two thousand and eighteen. So, with that being said, I got Malgamet off by decision. Man I think he's just going to grind Vulcan all night take him down at will, beat the shit out of him. I mean Bulkan's got some, some miles on him. He's been in a lot of battles, a lot of wars, and I would not be surprised if he's going to be able, if he's a little gunshy, specially after coming off of that loss. What do you think, Cuz well, I mean I think I'm going along. I'm definitely going along the same lines as you. I think MAG MAG is going to be he's going to win this one. They now the thing that I kind of am going back and forth. I know that they're bulls strikers, but I mean typically, from you know, the research I've done, this guy's, you know, going to decisions. It's usually getting on. He is kind of like the favorite. Everyone kind of knows him, mainstream knows him and you know, he is a better GLOB grappler. So, you know, I can see him. Definitely. If it goes down to the ground, he's definitely a win it there, especially being at they're bulls striker, so they stand up, he's got like a fifty chance there and then. But if they go down the ground is definitely going to be, you know, game over. So yeah, I'm definitely going with him for the win on this one for sure. I always say if there's a Russian fighting and you're not sure, always go with the Russian. Why with them odds? So here we go. I'm odd shark. Have Magomed as a favorite at negative two hundred and eighty and Vulcan at a positive two hundred and forty...

...five. So quite a bit of difference there. And you know, it's obvious at Magaelmetov is a heavy favorite here. I got this going. I don't know too much about these guys, so I'm just kind of judging by their histories here and I'm going to call it Magomedoff round to Ko who. Yeah, now you really need think he's going to be Ko. I mean after he's last quite you know, him getting just pummeled and every evening like that and still staying any think he's he would, you know, win it in the second round, or you think you'll maybe go to the third? I think it'll I don't know. Like I said, I don't know too much about these two guys, but I do know the magma him has that knockout power and you know, like you said, frank said, I do kind of see him grinding in down Vulcan, but I just think he is going to get the stoppage in round to yeah, I think I'm going to say. I'm going to say second round by submission. Okay, cool, what about you for yeah, I know, I used I think, I think magamed off. Decision. Yeah, decision, wow, okay, yeah, I think it's going to be. I think it's going to be a really hard battle. I think it's going to be really hard for him to pull to put ashtramre out. I think like aushomers of a season. That you know what I mean? He's got a lot of tools. He's a really good fighter and he's really tough, but I think he's on his way down. I think this is a set up for malcolmed to impress everybody. This is going to be his one of his one of the his might be the first time he's on a pay per view, you know what I mean. Going to be a long eyes on him and he's going to be ready to make a statement, probably to let everybody know, hey, I'm a threat at this division and he's going to be after this. He's gonna have to. He's gonna fight a top ten guy. You know what I mean. The division is so thin that they're hungry for somebody. So if he can even get a big finish like you guys are saying, I'll dude, we might be talking about this guy getting a title shot in one or two fights. HMM. Oh, now do you think it because of like it? All the rest of his fights are pretty much been by knockout? You think he's gonna really try and show his submission skills just to like put that, you know, nail on the combine? I'm here, I'm here, I'm a real threat everyone. I'm you know, I have no everything going on. I don't think so. I mean, coming off of like that many wins by knockout, he might be like love and knocking people out right now. So that might be he's really going to try to do. Okay, Gotcha. All right. So let's go to the next fight. The next fight is, let me see, Oh, this fight people have been waiting for. Actually, people have been waiting for this guy to fight for a long time, and I'm talking about Cosma Chimayav cosmat coming in at nine and Oh, one of Alexander Goosebson's main training partners and even Alexander Gooseson was like, dude, this guy's a stud, this guy's going to Jack People Up, this guy's going to make a splash for sure. And I think he was fighting at two different weight classes. I think he was fighting at one hundred and seventy and one hundred and eighty five, this fight being at one hundred and eighty five, and he's going up against Lee Jang Lank. So Lee Jang Lang coming in with the record of eighteen and six, thirty three years old, coming off of an impressive win over Santiago ponds and Nibio, who was coming in smoking hot, and I felt that that fight was picked for pards in Bo to win and Jangling crash that party with the KO in the first round back in January of two thousand and twenty one. Let me go over Janglings last rest last fights. He is three and one in those last fights. Like I said, I just mentioned, he's got a win over Pons Aibio. Before that he lost to, you know, Magdie and DEC by decision. But prior to that, backtoback wins over Elezio, Zaliski do Santos Tko, round one and then a win over David Zawada Tko round three. So janglingk always comes to fight. He's got a brickhead. If you don't know much about him. He's more of a stand up fighter. He's gonna come just to being season vet. Eighteen and six, thirty three years old, been around the block a few times. COSMA little younger, nine, no, but he hasn't fought since September and he's coming off of covid. He was scheduled to find was he did? He ever signify Leon Edwards and that was the fight that he dropped out of because the covid you guys remember? Um, I don't know if he was signed, but that was that was what was supposed to happen, right, that was supposed to go down. Yeah, yeah, because Cosmat was on fire in two thousand and twenty, dude, he was let he had at one point he fought like in ten days, like he fought on July sixteen and one by Dars and round two, and then ten days later, on July twenty six, he fought again and won by Tko in the first round. HMM.

Yeah, and then after that he fought. I don't know if you guys remember he fought another season Guy, and he I mean he's not much, but Gerald Mer Shart, who's tough but he's not a world beater, and he beat that dude in the first round. Yeah, so that being said, I just went over both wins. I haven't looked over the odds. Fonsos going to hit that. Hit US up with that in a little bit. I'm going to be looking at my book because that's what I use for my parlay's and I'll share with you guys in a minute. Actually I'm looking at it right now. COSMA is a heavy favor at three hundred and seventy and Lee Jang Lang is a big underdog at plus two hundred and ninety five. I'm going COSMAT. I don't know if Cosmont can't, because there's a lot of questions. Man, we don't know what his guest tank is like after coming off of Covid so he might not be able to push the pace like he could. He might be scared to pull the trigger, but I think that he's got enough skills to put Jang Lang down continuously, round after round. I wouldn't be surprised if he finishes Jang Lang late second round, early, third round, but no doubt Cosmat is coming home with the win. What do you think, funds? I think you're absolutely right here. I'm I'm calling it, cose, not second round, Kao. I think he's just going to end up like just just smashing him and then just, you know, kind of grinding them down and getting that Dkoh late second round most likely. And Yeah, you're right, he's a heavy favorite. Man, odd shark has them at negative hundred and forty, which is less than what you got for my bookie, but but still. I mean all the different sports books have them as a heavy, heavy favorite. So yeah, man, that's he's I mean that's that's the only question. How how good we really be coming back? But I mean if he if he wasn't affected that much and he kept training and he's you know, I don't think much is going to change. I really don't. So I just look for a dominating performance here. Where about you at? You know what, man, I think I'm with you guys on the on the WHO's going to win this, but I really think it's really gonna that whole gas think factor. I mean his average fights are like, you know, three minutes or you know really quick and you know Lee he can go the distance. So with breakie saying, with the whole covid thing, and you know his if his restory rate is like anywhere. In effect, I really feel like that he's gonna he has a tool for me, dude. Yeah, and he has the tool to beat them, whether it's a mission, whether it's knocked out or anything like that. But I think that that fact he hasn't fought in so long and that's going to take a look, you know, whether he shows it, whether he you know at all, that's going to take a little bit out of him and I think maybe that whole covid thing might affect him so a little bit. But I think overall, you am I even guard into his head because I don't know why. I don't mean to cut you off, but I don't know if you guys remember, like he had tweeted that he was going to retire at some point after Oh covid battle. I don't know if you guys remember that, but he was like, he was so like. He tried to return to training sooner than the doctors told him to do and he had like a mental breakdown where he was just like I can't do this. I'm never going to be the same again and because of that, I'm getting I retire. Dana right away jumped in was like Ay, will hold on, you know, you know how Dan is it. Yeah, Dane, if you're going to die in the cage, you're going to die in the cage and he's going to get a pay per view out of you, for sure what Dana jumped in right away and was like, Hey, you know what, hold on, you know, he's he's it's frustrating for sure, but let's wait and see what happens, and look where we'rette. He's back. But you're absolutely right, because this could be either if this is a physical thing where his guests take is and breathing is really going to be affected, or is this going to be like a mental thing? You know, yeah, but I'm but I know now. I agree. Yeah, like I think he has all the tools. I definitely think this guy has with all the tools. If they were just without the covid thing and everything and they were just facing off, I think it'd be a tough by. I think, you know, it would definitely go to like a knockout. But I think with that playing the factor and the fact that Lee, he's no joke, like you said, he's pretty up there. He's almost even with him on everything. But he's gone the distance. He's used to go in the distance and he's also had a recent fight a Weiser, a recent win, and and about said he would. Yeah, would be surprised if he pulls off another big upset. I mean this, yeah, happen? Yeah. So I think, inser, that Lee Jang Lang looks like a Chinese Frankenstein. Have you seen him work his workout? Video from the like the for training up with this fight? He's putting it down.

Oh No, I haven't seen anything, man. That's it. That's good. Good for him. And Yeah, they were good fight, for sure. This is gonna be a good one, man. It's gonna be what? I don't think anybody's gonna Knock anybody out. I think it's going to have anything. It's going to go to decision. All right. And who? What's your prediction? Right, all right, so, decision. Yeah, Chasm. WHO's gonnaway? Because I don't know. Yeah, COSMA, by decision, COSMA, chremaive. All right, next fight is Alexandre Volkov versus Marsin Tae Tyber Fonso, why don't you hit us up with those odds? What are we look right? So odd sharks got them at negative hundred fifty one for Alexander Volkov, which is heavy favorite, and Mark Marson Tibura at positive to fifty. So you can see the huge difference there. Yeah, yeah, man, I have to agree with these odds. I have it as Alexander Volkov taking the W via decision. He's good man, like he just gonna outwork them, like he's got some great striking, long ass hell, you know what I mean, like look what he was doing to Derrick Lewis. It was just, you know, I just don't see a way type ber is going to pull this, pull this off at all. It just going to be one of those things where we're going to see a nice master class and striking and volt is going to be just just dominating the entire fight. That's what I see happening. What about you guys? Hm, so you got Volkov, I got bull cop. All right, all right, why don't you go next? Because what do you got? What do you think? Um, well, to be honest with you, I really don't know too much about these guys. I don't. I don't even remember really seeing them and I think, but I'm basically all my prediction is basically just off the coolness of this dude's named the Drago Man. That just makes me think of like rocky, you know in the Russian or anything like that. So I'm going for him. I'm going for him with the knockout. You know, looking at his stuff and everything, I mean he's bigger, he's taller, you know, he's got, you know, the longer reaching anything. Everything pretty much shows that this guy's gonna win. And you know, again, I don't know much about these dudes. I think this is more just like hey, we're going to throw these guys in just to throw another fight in there and make it, you know, give these other guy's time to rest or whatever. I don't know. I don't know too much about them, but Drago, he's got my vote. M Say KO and let's say third round. All right, all right, all right, third round. So I'm looking up. I want to see what they're what the size difference is between the two. So there we're a type Ross thirty five, six two. He's got a seven eighting to reach. Alexander Volkov, thirty two, six foot six, two hundred and fifty pounds ish and an eighty inch reach. So he's four inches taller but he's only got a two inch reach. All Right, here's what I think is going to happen. I think ty Boora is gonna fucking knock Alexander Voll calls a block off and I got Taybora finishing him in the second round. Dude, no boring is yeah, I think so do. Tay Boris coming in hot boy. He got to tk over Walt Harris, who's a fuck in stud ass wrestler, Tko. Round one before that he's got a tk over Greg Hardy, former NFL player, Stut athlete. You can say what you want about him. I hate his guts and I only want to says mished every single time he fights. But yeah, ty Boor did that for US t KO round too before or that, he's got a double over been rothwell, a w over Martin Grisham, a w over Sergey spackoff and then a loss against Augusta Sakai, who I think is a like a prime kickboxer. But he's coming in on a one, two, three, four five winning streak. You know what I mean this guy. Don't mess around man. This guy is tough as shit, not that volt cough is is not. You know what I mean. Wolk off is coming off of a loss to Cyril gone, who is the current interm hip lightweight champ, or, I'm sorry, not lightweight but heavyweight champ. Prior to that, he was able to get a Tko win over Alisair, overreeam. He's got a win over the same whalt Harris, that Tybora finished in the first round. Volk off was able to finish him in the second round. And before that, though, he got a loss against Curtis Blades, a w over Greg Hardy, but he was only able to get a decision. And then before that, I don't know if you guys remember when he got his head knocked off in the fifth round or third round by Derek Lues after he was dropping his ass right.

Yeah, you guys remember? I remember that. Yeah, yeah, so that was a fight. It was a while that. That was a lot. Yeah, that was a while back, you know what I mean, but it's still there. And then just that's that. Maybe that's a flaw in his armor. You know, that can be exploited. With that being said, like I said, I'm going Typewora Tko round to damn well that you had to change my result and my guess. A man, it's never too late until the fight starts. Then you can make damn I yeah, I'm gonna have to switch boats on now. And I didn't know all that. That's something I didn't know. And then I just like here you have Russia versus Poland. Oh, man, I don't know, Dude. Yeah, you already know what the history there because, yeah, book, So, break you down. I miss it around. There's like two weeks to put in your parley. So I did put one and in last night already, but I could put another one. Who knows, I might be joining me forward next fight. Yeah, Dude, let's all do one that night. Who Cares? I put one in all right night for twenty five bucks, making too. I'm looking for I think it's like a two hundred and twenty five return if I went so who knows? It's mean, it's not a lot of money, but it's enough to have some fun. Yeah, Hey, is this the time where I go all in? Is that where I do that, or is when I is. I'll tell you when. I'll tell you when. Okay, okay, I got you, Fu Yeah, yeah, next, this next fight, you might want to go all in, because this is the you could put this in stone already. I'm talking about is this is the middle of the pay per view. Islam Maka Chev and Dan Hooker. Dan Hooker, recently coming off of a win against NAS brought hotpressats. Don't even know if I said that right, but me and Alfonso had a contest to try to see you can say that better. We both failed. Fonso up with them, Oz Bro, what's up? So we fight. I sharks got them at negative four hundred and fifty for Islam Kachev, super heavy favorite, and Dan Hooker coming in at posit three hundred. So like way of an underdog, I got this fight as a just an easy decision for Islam Aka chef. It just gonna just grinding him down, all things, going to put them away, you know, just wrestling. Dude likes us. Well, that's what it's going to come down to. Avoid some of the striking, just go straight for takedowns, smothering ground and pound, you know, every rounds and start the same on the feet. Avoiding some strikes, getting in, take down, grinding out, you know, just repeat, rents to repeat the whole way through. That's what I'm talking down. What about you guys? All right, all right, let me jump in here. Let me get in his dance. Let me start by talking about Dan Hooker. Man, Dan Hooker. It's a fucking Stud Dude. He has got balls the size of an African elephant, because nobody wants to fight Islam. Nobody wants to fight him right now. And he was at let's do this, you're I mean Dan Hoo could recently tweeted that he might have to move out of New Zealand. Or is that where he's from? New Zealand? Right, yeah, yeah, so, because of covid there's very strict, strict protocols and rules, and I think he had a really hard time training for his last fight, where the cops came to his gym like three times. Or Hey, what are you guys doing? You're not supposed to be doing this kind of stuff. So he wasn't able to put together a full cap and he's talking about moving to the United States full time. So I hope he was able to do that. He, like I said, he's got it. The W overknass brought. That was unimous decision. Before that he got knocked the fuck out by Michael Chandler in the first round. Before that he was in a dog fight with Dustin Poier, which he lost by unanimous decision. Before that, another freaking dog fight with Paul felder that he won by split decision. Before that, another dog fight with ally a Quinta, which he won by unanimous decision, and then before that Tko or Ko against James Vic in July of two thousand and nineteen. So that was his shortest fight, but after that it's just been war after war after war. I will give credit to Dan Hooker by saying he's been way more active, or at least as of recently. You know, he does have one of the best coaches in the game in Eugene Berryman, and he's got that whole city box team Israel to sign up behind him. But the that's the cards are stacked against him. Man, like Fonso...

...said, he's going to be in a clinic here. He's just it's just going to be takedown city. Dude. Islam is boys with our Homie, not. We wish your home, your home as Kabi. He's like a cone of Kabib. You know, he's twenty hours old, twenty one. I can't remember who he last lost. Oh, I got here. He last lost in October of two thousand and fifteen since some guy named Adriano Martin's by Ko in the first round. But since then he's just been rustle fucking everybody either into a decision or submission, and I think that's what's going to happen here. I say some soap Islam round two. Yes, yeah, very strong possibility, man. Yeah, I think he's gonna turn Dan Hooker into hamburger me. I say two or three takedowns in the first round. I say one more in the first and he's just never going to get up from that and I think it's going to be over, which is going to be sad because I really like Dan Hooker and I want to see him fight more because he's an exciting fighter. Man. He's Badass. He's either going to get knocked the fuck out or he's gonna Knock somebody out, you know, but he's like Donald Seroni, two point. Don't kind of like maybe gatekeeper or I don't know, who knows. He's still young. Yeah, I agree. And side note, we you're getting way better odds on underdogs on my bookie, my book, he's got Dan Hooker at a plus for fitty. If you're looking up, if you're looking to make that kind of money. Damn, Islamkeet chip heavy favorite out of fifty. Damn a lot, damn way bigger odds over here. Yeah, wow, that's yeah, man. You know what, for me I see this as like the whole rocky versus the Russian I mean I really hear it. You know, I'm going I feel like Isam is going to win. I something in me just says I think he's gonna win. But I'm going for Dan Hooker on this. I mean Danuker. He has good take down defense, so that's going to be, you know, good and I'm hoping that he uses his striking to keep him away, you know, and just works him and then uses that takedown a best when he, when is on, does try to go for that take down. But if he does get it, yeah, it's gonna be like a bee. He's done. You know, if he gets him, he gets them on the ground, he might survive it. More than likely he won't, and it's that's what's going to happen. But you know, I gotta go for rocky in this one. Dan Hooker, I got his I got to see him winning this one. So I'm going to go with him and I'm miss a decision. I'm gonna say this third, third round decision on this guy. I got. I stay with him, and so I know I probabdn't. I might not win this one, but I'm really hoping that Dan pulls this off as a huge upset. I think Dan Hooker has a better chance of winning by corona delivery truck driving through the auditorium and smashing into the cage and running over Islam, versus him actually winning. But a cat, if he can happen, he can happen, man. Hey, you know what? Rocky beat the Russian. Okay, he won the Russian nobody thought that was going to happen. He beat Mr T, you know. So, yeah, I see, I'm going for Dann Say I'm staying with Dan Hooker on this one. Staying with him on this one. All Right, man, will you are making a lot of money if that happens. Yeah, rules, Dude. If you put ten dollars down, what is that plus four hundred and fifty. Let me see, I'll tell you. Wouldn't that be? Put a hundred. That's like four thousand. If you put a hundred dollars, then you get four hundred and fifty back. You put ten dollars, you get like forty five bucks back. There it is. Yeah, so this where I go all in this. Yeah, this is where you go in. It was a good one. It would. Yeah, and let me see. Let me see. I'm looking at the whole card right now. Plus four hundred and fifty. He might be the biggest underdog on the whole car. Yeah, it looks like he is. Do Damn, imagine. Imagine. Yeah, just it's just very unlikely. You'll get it, man. Yeah, even caught. So my bookie has a potential future fight with Connor McGregor and Comorrow Oosman, and they're giving Connor McGregor plus four hundred. So you're getting better odds of Connor beating Komar ooth Monday you are of getting den Hooker to be is lamb girl. Yeah, well, Dan, of you're listening out there, I'm still rooting for you, man. I you. I'm in your corner.

I mean your corner anything carry. Yeah. So that brings us to the last two fights of the pay per view. This is the coal main event. It was supposed to be pureed yawn and I'll, I'll Fondo's boy, Alger main steling. Instead it shitery on and Corey Sanhagen, Fonzo. Why don't you hit us up with those odds on odd chart? Odd Sharks got them at negative to D and fifty for Peter Yawn and Corey Sang in close it one hundred and eighty eight. So Peter Yawn a pretty decisive favorite, but you know, not not like out there like we saw recently. I agree with these odds. I think Peter Jon is just going to be just what he does, man. He just fucking just plows for people. You just going to be like, happen? People fucking just stand up war man. It'll be a good fucking fight. Corey say hangs no Slouch, though, so I do expect some fighting. You know, this is just going to be one of those like just great fights to watch. I think you know it's going to be a back and forth, even though Peter Yan is going to get better exchanges, I think, which is ultimately going to lead into Peter Yawn taking it. I'm predicting a third round stopage Ko for Peter Young. Good, calm, all right, you're many jump income. I'm gonna want, yeah, I'm gonna want up you off, Fonzo. I'M gonna go with a second round stop me age by Peter Yaan on now on, just because, in fact, this dude he's got, he's got the knockout power. He's got to take down, he's got to take down the fence on this. They're both coming from losses, so they both need to set like like President's out there on what's going on. And Yeah, this dude, you know, no mercy. Peter Yawn. Yeah, I see him winning this one and the second round. Is this a five round fight? I don't know. It is right question. I think it is. It's going to be a fight. It's got to be. It's cool me, it's I think. I don't think it's gonna go. Try Round. I don't know if it's going to go. I mean, all right, so one thing that I was concerned with was height. Corey's five hundred and eleven and Peter Yon's five seven, so that's a four inch height advantage, but it only translates into a three inch reach advantage and they're both the same height on the ground. Are you? Yeah, everyone's the same, right, all right, yeah, for sure. PYOTORE Yawan's going to finish this are win this fight. I don't know if he's gonna be able to finish cory, but I think he will. He has more than enough tools to finish this off. Corey coming off of a lost to TJ deal shaw. I really wish this was t the TJ and Pyotore Yaan. That would that's yes, whoever ye is, that is the real chap of this division. I mean, I don't understand. I mean corey is a dog. Corey's a really good fighter, no doubt, but I don't understand why he got this shot. I mean, I who was it left? who was the last fight against? Dude, he lost to tch A. Oh Shit, that's the one. Okay, okay, okay, yeah, so, I mean I don't know what he thought was happening. Maybe he could have put he could have done a lot more. He needed to do a lot more, for sure. Yeah, I definitely thought he lost that fight. It was close. It was close, but TJ look good coming off of such a long layoff and he's only going to get better, Dude. And now he hasn't been really right. I don't know. Oh, maybe is, does he? That's maybe. That's why he didn't get this fight then. Okay, yeah, I thought I thought I saw something about him having like a knee injury or something like that, or having surgery here or something. Yeah, well, that that would explain why he didn't get this fight. Um, so, yeah, okay. Then, prior to him losing to TJ deals Chan, he's been on fire. Man. I don't know if you guys remember that Quick Kao he had against Frankie integate when he fucking need him. Oh, yeah, my, yeah, before they not forget that Kao Against Yeah, that was a brutal knockout. Man. Before that he had a Tko gets Marlin rice in the second round, and then before that he got choked out super fast by Al Joe in the first round of their fight, and then prior to that he had a w against Raphael, since out by unanimous decision. Piled are yawn, on the other hand, twenty eight, fifteen and two, like I said, five foot seven, hundred and sixty seven inch reach. Coming off of a loss by disqualification against Alger main sterling, causing me to lose my parlay that night. I was goal shit one on that show. Dude, how do you not know that you cannot do that? I think that he knew that he couuld not do that and was like fuck this, dude, I hate him anyways, and that's...

...why he blasted him. Do you think so? Dude? You had to know, you have to wow. So you have what I hate somebody to stop yourself from doing that and he aljoe. What if it was more of a reflesh shit leading into that fight? Nah, there's no reflex thing on that. What if his co seldom the week, the leg? What if it is coach Tolen, sweet the lake? He had to do it, man. It's like that. It's like in the sham. If he dies, he dies. Yeah, he must break him. I think this is going to be a five round ass woman. I think Corey has too much guts, too much heart to get finished. He hasn't been finished other than by rye naked choked by Al Joe, and I don't know, prior to that, like a what's his record? Fourteen three. So I don't know what his how his third loss came or how that came about, but I I just think he's too tough to be finished. Like I said, five round ASS whoopin Pyodore Yawn, unanimous decision. Oh and just real quick, I did look up that that injury. So it does look like Tj's deal show is going is having surgery, or hat surgery for his knee. And that happened at during the Corey Sam Hagan fight. Yeah, okay, okay, yeah, I remember seeing something about that. Yeah, all right. Well, that leads us to our main event. The two hundred and five strap is on the line. Yamblahovic tiking on glover to share a Fonso. Hit US up with those odds, my man, odd sharks got Yanblohovich at nate, the two hundred and seventy five favorites over glover text era to share. Excuse me, two hundred and twenty underdog. So we got, you know, it's a clear, definitive who's, you know, the heavy favorite here, but you know the odds are still there. So you know, it's the thing about it. I I was looking at these two guys and very similar right, they're very similar in style. You just got, you know, Jean. This is is just fucking younger dude. He's younger, more athletic right now. I just I think he's going to end up like it's going to be awardede. I'm excited for this fight because of their heavyweights, fucking heavy hitters. You know, they're both very similar styles. I just expect a back and forth war. I expect these two guys to fucking just trade and just, you know, put on a good show. But I do think that Yan is going to take this in the third round. Koh, all right, let me jump in this hot tub here. My bookie has glover as a plus to ten underdog and Yan Adam two hundred and seventy favorite. Yan is twenty eight, coming in with a record of twenty eight and eight. Glover forty one, with a record of thirty two and seven. Has a lot of miles on him, coming in off with a one, two, three four, on a five fight winning streak. He's got a rear naked choke win over chuck goes, on Tos a tkover Anthony Smith, a went over and Nikey the cry off by Split Decision, a win over Im Kudi Laba by a rare naked choke, a win over Carl Roberson by arm triangle and then before that a loss to cory Anderson by unit of his decision. And shout out to Kry Anderson, who won by knockout in the first round against Ryan Bader and the Bellatur light heavyweight tournament last night. You guys catch that? No, I sure didn't not, Dude. He blasted him. Look up that highlight reel. It is a short fight. Kudos to Cory Anderson. But getting back to glover, Glover's a take man. Glover is a season black belt, a really good striker. He's been in the game for a hot minute. Yablahovich, coming off of that win over Israel Sonya, everyone thought out of sign you was going to pull off the upset and win. They're O de sign you probably bit off too much, I mean more than he can chew in that fight. But before that he also beat Dominic Rais by TKO round to he was supposed to lose that fight. He beat Korey Anderson, who we were just talking about, in the first round, who he was also supposed to lose against. Before that he beat Jacot a by split decision, who he was also supposed to lose two and then before that he knocked the fuck out of Luke Rock Holt in the first in the second round, who he was also supposed to lose again. So, with that being said, y'all, Belhovach is just in...

...his prime right now, man, he he's he's hit his his streak, he's he's hot right now. I would it be surprised if he finishes glover. Glover is tough as shit. I don't think he he will be able to just because this is gonna be like to Franken stiens going at it. Although one friend is a is a little bit younger than the other, I think this is going to be a five round battle and I think, y'all, Belhovich is going to easily take this away. I say, you know, unanimous decision, Yablohovac, foe show. What do you think? Cuz You know what, man, I definitely need this is going to be like, you know, terminator versus the new Terminator and this one. You know they they are it. Think it's like you, like you said, this guy's younger. You know he's fresh right now, but you know Glober, you know he's no joke. He's got he's got everything. He's got knockout power, he's got some mission. You know he's he's being the game for on. So he knows how to you know what to do, how to do it. He can stand up, he can stay on the ground, he can hand on him stopping in all those arenas. I just think they you know, age is going to play a factor at some point. You Know Yan is. He's gone the distance. So it's not like he can't go all five rounds glover. He can go. He can obviously go. We don't fire around. He asked finish everybody pretty quickly. I think did. If anything, it might be an upset if he does catch yawn and something on the ground. But I think Yan just has it with its because of the age. That's really it, man. I think he's gonna come out with the decision on that one. That's what Sir to lose. Frank. Hope Frank is muted. It's all right. So, dude that I don't know. I think it is going to end earlier. But yeah, yeah, he's yeah, I think so, man. I think he's gonna take it around three man. I think there's going to be a knockout right that's what we're going to see, but we'll have to wait and see. Man, either way, Yan, it's probably going to take this one. You know, I'm just excited for these fights. Oh yeah, hopefully we can't set that projector up in Frank's wedding. Oh, just chilling. Watch. Trust me, it's going to be on somewhere. I'm going to give you guys mission it. Mission impossibles is going to be coming out and you guys are to get notifications on where to meet and it's going to be rotating where the screen is at, so that way they can't catch us. I'm a set up like dummy screen showing the wedding and then we're going to tap into the fight so that no one knows that. You're going to be my primary job. Yeah, we're watching a slideshow of beautiful, the beautiful relationship you guys have had over the as. Yeah, over note, got a prawn. I'm even walk around with the my with my phone. They fight on right there and just kind of like showing it to frank you from a distance. You know, as the as they're dancing, I'm going to be behind her just showing him the fight. Foo, we do the dollar dance. You got a dance with frank and just put your full out real quick. That's what we're doing. Did we lose it again? You got caught? I don't know. I'm getting hit with the broom. Ah. What's worse? The Room where the trunk? All the CHAPLEAS got distance, dude, the broom. The room hurts more, but you know you can. You can outrun that for a second. The chuck less got heating. chunklate hurts your soul. Well, that was the last fight. ADLS. You guys want to add dumb and just excited. Thank you, guys. fucking great episode today. I enjoy talking to you guys about it and hope to listeners out there enjoy the to make you parlay's a and let us know if you if we were staring you in the right way. Tell us if you think we need to do a better job with petty predicting, with the we're doing pretty good so far, but let us know in the comments. Yeah, man, thank you having me on. We've been on fire. No, go, cut's go. No, no, just say thanks for having me on, man. Yeah, I'm super excited about this. These fights here. There's so many good ones. I'm going. It's going to be tough, but I'm going to make sure that we get the results, or are the highlights or something that day. Don't even worry about that, and you know, just let me know what I need to go all in on this fight and I definitely want to place a bet on this one. Yeah, heck, yeah, all right. Well, that is a rap for this episode. Thank you, everybody for tuning in. Like Fonto sick, share your picks with us. Let us know if you use our pics. Hopefully you can make some money off of this. Super sorry that we went six and one on our last pay per view picks. Damn you, Nick Diaz. Why do we have to pick with our heart, for that's the...

...only loss that we had? We're loyal to our people, Nick. We ride or die with you, bro don't even trip podcast tell us. Hopefully we can go and defeat yeah, our well, thank you to Jo's out there for listening. Hope you like this episode. Keep Rolling and training until next time, we'll talk to you later. Who's this is the motivation.

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